12 Pet-Friendly Amenities Your Owner Will Love (2023)

whenNearly 70% of American householdsIf you have pets, it's more important than ever to have a pet-friendly policy in your apartment building. Pet owners looking to rent often struggle to find pet-friendly apartments, meaning many apartment complexes miss out on a significant number of potential tenants. Adding pet-friendly amenities to your apartment building is a great way to make it more attractive to potential residents, it can help create a sense of community among your residents and of course it's a great way to show you care about your tenants . pet. Not to mention, an inclusive pet policy also goes a long way toward bottom line. Residents of pet-friendly homes, report says21% longer dwell timePet vacancies fill up much faster than non-pet-friendly housing compared to non-pet-friendly housing. If you want to attract (and keep) more renters, consider strengthening your pet policy!

So, what can you do to make your rental more pet-friendly? Here are 12 of the best perks to make your owners and their pets love you.

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1. Welcome gift

A welcome gift is a thoughtful way to show new residents that you're excited for them to move in. Why not have a welcome gift for their pet? This can be anything from a toy to a bowl and some treats! Some communities include coupons and listings for local businesses in the area, including businesses that service your pet will show that you really care.

2. Treatment Station

A treat station is one of the easiest pet amenities to add to your property. All you need is a treat holder where you can store any type of treat your pet likes. You can even add a sign that says "Hospitality Free" to let everyone know your hotel allows pets.

3. Pet-Centric Events

Many apartment communities have some form of "happy hour," but whatever you call it, hosting a pet-centric event is a unique way to show your residents that you care about their furry friends. The pet event ideas are endless, from doggy ice cream socials to Halloween fancy dress parties. These activities are generally good and fun for everyone involved.

4. Dog park or playground

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There are many good reasons to have a dog park in your apartment. It's a great place for dogs to socialize and exercise, and for dog owners to meet and connect with the community. Another reason to have a dog park is that it can help keep apartment complexes clean. If the dog can defecate in a designated area, it helps reduce mess in other areas of the yard. A dog park can also be a great place to host an event for residents, such as a dog-themed party or get-together - the possibilities are endless!

5. Throwing dog station

If you are a dog owner, you know how important it is to pick up your pet. But what about when you go out? Dog waste stations provide pet owners with a place to dispose of dog waste, usually equipped with disposal bags and containers. Keep your tenants happy and your property clean by having these pet accessories on site!

6. Dog Lounge

A doggy daycare is another amazing facility at the condo complex. When your residents are at work, they won't have to worry about what their pets are doing - instead, they'll be able to relax knowing their pets are being well cared for and given a chance to socialize. Like dog parks, doggy day care centers are a great way to meet other pet owners in the park and help build a sense of community.Celo FederationNorthwood Ravin is an example of a North Carolina community that goes beyond the residents' pets. Although they already had a dog park and spa, they recently added them"Friends of the Commonwealth"Is a doggy daycare center open 24/7, Monday through Friday, with a quadruped ward. In addition to these luxurious pet-friendly amenities, they've even streamlined the online process of booking and checkout, making these amenities accessible and convenient for tenants! Watch this lovely video from the Northwood Ravina team demonstrating this long awaited benefit!

7. Pet washing station

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Some apartment buildings have spaces for residents to bathe their pets. This is a handy convenience for pet owners, as it saves them the hassle of bathing their pets at home, especially if they've just spent the day at the dog park. Pet washing stations are usually stocked with all the supplies you need to get the job done, including shampoo, towels, and even a hair dryer. This is a great benefit for pet owners as it saves them a lot of time and money on grooming bills, but it's also a great way to ensure your yard stays clean and pet-friendly. A pet washer can definitely set your yard apart from the competition, and your two- and four-legged residents will love it.

8. Pet friendly area

In addition to dedicated pet areas, you can allow residents to bring their pets to other areas of your property. Clubhouses, game rooms, lounges, etc. are all places where pets are allowed. Just don't forget to add some pet-friendly furniture and amenities like water bowls and beds to keep everyone comfortable. This is a surefire way to let your residents know that your community welcomes all and is sure to be appreciated.

9. Pet sitter

A pet sitter can help your residents with all their pet-related needs. They can help you arrange dog walking, pet sitting and other services available in the area. They can also provide information on local veterinarians, groomers and pet stores. A pet sitter can ensure that a tenant's pet is always cared for, and can also be a great help for new residents moving into the area with pets.

Some lodging establishments have brought concierge services into the digital realm, offering tenants apps that help pet parents find and book dog walks, grooming, sit-downs and more. Home apps are sure to impress your tenants by offering a plethora of services beyond pet care, but if you really want to offer more to tenants with pets, this is a great option. Some of our favorites to review include:higher life,Lively, Iflamingo

10. Helpful enclosed areas for pets

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When it's raining and thunder rolling, the last thing your tenant wants to do is walk the dog. Indoor pet helpers are the perfect solution to this problem. It can be as simple as a small room with artificial turf, or it can go all out, including agility classes. Either way, your tenants will appreciate having somewhere to take their pets when the weather sucks.

11. Dog pool

Many properties offer residents beautiful and well-maintained swimming pools. So why not for their dogs? Dog pools are a smart way to keep your tenant's dogs cool in the summer. It's also a great way to engage them in fun activities with other dogs, and it's also a great option for those pet-centric activities. Throwing a pool party has never been so fun, fun and easy!

12. Allow more pets

this is very simple. Many apartments either don't allow or only allow one pet, which is a problem for the millions of families who own more than one furry friend and want to rent. Tailoring your pet policy to welcome the whole family (pets included) can really show your residents that you value them.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities for making your apartment complex pet-friendly are endless. Just add a few of these amenities and you can really make a difference in the lives of your tenants and their pets. Who knows, you might even attract some new residents who are looking for a pet-friendly apartment complex.


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