2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (2023)

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  • scoreLThe appearance of Lincoln Wheat pens is often a key factor in determining a coin's market value. In some specific cases, rarity or bugs may increase the price. non-traffic conditionsAmerican coin collectors are eager to find samples of steel or copper coins.
  • i sell minerare coinsBased on their melt value, they should always be the last choice. It's best to know everything about your coins so you can determine the true and updated value.
  • In some casesPrice trendIt's clearly grown, so it could be a good investment if you want to sell it in a few years.

Rare and Precious Penny Value Chart (Updated 2023)

What coins are they worth? It's interesting how one of America's most common coins can fetch such an extraordinary price. this is oursList of coins based on recent auction records.

Lincoln Wheat and Indian Penny Value Chart to 2023
Yeartyperecord auction value
1944steel pattern$77,000 to $100,000
1943Copper grain$86,000
1873indian head$10,000
1914D wheat$5500
1877indian head$3200

Made in the USA since 1856, these vintage coins are worth a dimemore than a few surprisesfor what it's worth.

In this article, you will learn...

  • What year is the coin valid for?
  • How much money is worth in 2023
  • 2023 Lincoln Penny List and Price List Updates

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2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (1)
If you want a quick peek at the sale price, you can check it out below. However, whenever we talk about currency prices,Knowing many details and additional information can be decisive.So if you have 5 minutes, we suggest you read the entire article.

How to Grade Your Lincoln Penny

To graduate a piece we need grades and grades, alphanumeric grades.

Considering its characteristics, we have the following grades:

Note: In this example, the type of currency is not important, the most important thing is to learn to recognize the relevant factors of each rung on the ladder. Then you can rate all types of coins!

cycle protection status

poorpoor(P-1):Some details about the currency. Just to be able to recognize its type and date, sometimes not even. Often these are over-circulated and rather abused copies of flat designs. The edges are straight and almost indistinguishable from the field.

only,often(FR-2):Specimens have enough detail to identify type, date, mint, etc., but are not treated as heavily as earlier ones. The edges start to differ from the coin area and some contours of the coin image.

oh! OKalmost ready(AG-3):Most programs are appreciated. You can read multiple letters and/or numbers of the date.

OK,OK(G4):Very worn, with very little visibility of detail, but letters and numbers are almost legible. The overall design of the coin was appreciated.

OK,OK(G-6):The edges are clean and not smooth. Letters and numbers are best appreciated.

very good veryOK(VG-8):They are still examples of heavy wear, but the main features can be appreciated, albeit very slick.

very good,very good(VG-10):Anything but elegant design deserves admiration. As a general rule, to be accepted into this category, Barbers, Liberty Nickels, and Indian Head Cents must have at least 3 visible LIBERTY letters.

until,OK(F-12):Significantly even worn, but the most important elements are clearly visible. The letters of the myth are not connected to the edges.

until,this(F-15):Ditto, some letters or numbers are legible. For Barbers, Liberty Nickels, and Indian Head Cents, the 7 letters of the word LIBERTY should be visible even though some letters are not clearly defined.

very good verygood very good(VF-20):It's dressed more modestly, with slightly bolder details. The legend, or part of it, is easy to see and is more detached from the edges.

very good verygood very good(VF-25):Almost full detail and very smooth design areas.

very good verygood very good(VF-30):The formed area is smooth.

very good,very good(VF-35):All but the highest design points have been scuffed to detail.

excellent,excellent(EF-40):High points lightly worn. Smaller and smaller details are already visible. The legend reappears.

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excellent,excellent(EF-45):There is very little wear at the highest point.

Eyeunreleased(AU-50):The part is slightly worn over 50%. The highest point of the design is slightly soft.

Eyeunreleased(AU-53):Similar to above, but with minimal smoothness in the raised areas of the pattern.

Eyeunreleased(AU-55):Less than 50% of parts are worn.

Eyeunreleased(AU-58):Wear only at the high points in the design. Coins of this grade are so fine that they are often confused with MS grades (higher grades will be seen below).

Unpublished conservation status

For uncut coins, there are 11 other grades commonly referred to as Mint Status (MS), although they are also assigned denominations such as Uncirculated (Unc.) or Bright Uncirculated (BU).

In these grades, we're talking coins that show no signs of circulation and are well struck, but may have marks or scratches from handling or storage, gloss discoloration, or odd strikes. In this case, use the numerical evaluation in MS.

unreleased(MS-60):Raised areas are free from wear. Forging is weak. Many scratches, scuffs or marks. Slight halo.

unreleased(MS-61):Basically, it differs from the previous one by dashes, marks, etc. smaller.

unreleased(MS-62):Medium coin, looser than previous grades. large scratches.

chooseunreleased(MS-63):Fewer scratches than previous rating. Stripes of various sizes. light shines.

chooseunreleased(MS-64):Medium or higher currency. Marks, streaks and other minor imperfections.

gemunreleased(MS-65):Good coins with slight marks or streaks. Original gloss.

gemunreleased(MS-66):Very good coin with very few streaks/marks.

a great piece of jewelryunreleased(MS-67):A solid coin with some flaws.

a great piece of jewelryunreleased(MS-68):A solid coin with tiny imperfections invisible to the naked eye. Perfect original shine. High visual appeal.

a great piece of jewelryunreleased(MS-69):Perfectly wrought, with minor imperfections that require magnification to see. Perfect initial brightness.

perfectunreleased(MS-70):A perfectly struck, centered, perfectly gilded coin. Blemish-free even at x5 magnification. Full and original shine.

While they don't quite fit into this article, due to their rather prominent appearance in the numismatic taxonomy, we felt it necessary to clarify the meaning of the name Proof.

Proof of Term (PR or PF) is not an appropriate gradeAlthough it can be misleading. Instead, it refers to the shape and method of minting the coin. It is also used to classify MS works at Proof 11 level, although it has its own acronym, such as PR-60 ​​(=MS60), PR-61 (=MS61), PR-62 (=MS62), etc. based on Their preservation, appearance and brightness.

Both PCGS and NGC use the "+" symbol to grade certain sections and grades.

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PCGS only assigns a "+" to the most visually appealing 30% of parts in grades XF-45 through MS-68. NGC uses this "+" (plus sign) for the top coins in each grade so that they appear closer to the next highest grade, and limits it to grades XF-45 through MS-68.

In addition, NGC uses the asterisk "*" for specimens within the same monochromatic or polychromatic grade that are excellent in visual appearance (color, brightness, etc.), but never have dark brown areas near black.

Bonus: Beware of Scams

How do I know if my coins are made of steel?

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (8)

This coin is one of the favorites of counterfeiters. That's why there are many hypothetical 1943 cents made from this material. They are actually galvanized copper coins sold exclusively in this metal as real wheat flakes.

How do you know your precious cents are fake?

It's simple - you can use a magnet to tell if a coin is copper or copper. If it sticks to a magnet, it willcustom, by the way, it is not.

Chart with precious coins

Are Wheat Pennies Worth It? The answer is yes! Its value doesn't match their size... read on to find out more. It's amazing! Wondering which coins are worth annual value, or what types of coins to look for? Some of those cents can become very valuable to coin collectors, for example the top spot on our list can go for $100,000!

1. 1944 Steel Cent

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (9)

This rare coin stands out among valuable Lincoln cents. 1944 coins struck on galvanized steel are extremely rare and certainly highly regarded by coin collectors. Experts claim the metal plate was accidentally inserted during the forging process.

These steel coins can fetch anywhere from $77,000 to $100,000 to any American coin collector.

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2. 1943 Lincoln Copper Barley

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (10)

These average valued at $60,000piecesIt can fetch up to $86,000 at coin auctions. Like steel, they are considered misforged.

Considering the price of these1943 Lincoln Wheat Copper Coin, There are many fakes circulating. Although many of these are actually from 1948, the "3" has been altered to look like an "8". In this case, you'll know it's fake if you try to catch it with a magnet. In fact, almost everything is made of steel. However, this year theyBakar lincoln currencyManufacturing so expensive today is counterfeit.

Otherwise, experts think there's still a lot to discover!

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3. Indian Head Penny 1873

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (11)

In second place among the most valuable coins in the United States is the Doubled Liberty, which usually costs only $20, butMS+ conditionsIt can reach a whopping $10,000.

How do I identify a Doubled Liberty Indian Head fountain pen?

Fortunately, it's easy - the word Liberty appears double-stamped on the Indian's head (see image below for reference).

(Video) 10,000.00$ 2011 Lincoln one cent error coin worth money

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (12)

Rare and Valuable Types of Indian Coins

1873indian headThere are two types of pennies, depending on the year "1873" embossed "3" at the beginning. The variety pictured above is an open type. Closed varieties, on the other hand, have a smaller opening between the top and bottom of the number 3. Time to get out your magnifying glass!

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (13)

Both variants are good value for money. But we coin lovers always talk about double freedom. By the way, it topped out at about $300.

WWhat are coins made of?Copper, Zinc... Its history is full of changes and "secrets", offering great opportunities for great profits! For more informationIndia head pen price.

4. 1914 D Lincoln Wheat

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (14)

These small pieces rank third in this select group, and due to the condition of the rare coins (hence the D) minted at the Denver Mint, they can fetch as much as $5,500.

5. 1922 D Edition Lincoln Wheat Penny

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (15)

Two versions of this prized Lincoln dime, named for the crop depicted on its reverse and struck by the United States Mint in Denver, are known to exist in two versions - no "D" and a weak "D". Given the difficulty of verifying them, confirming them should be the job of experts. Ideally the one without the D, worth a few thousand dollars - $33,000. For the rest, the standard price is $175.

6. Indian Head Penny 1877

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (16)

Just under 1 million of these coins were minted in 1877. If we compare them to the 7.9 and 5.9 million mintage numbers below, we can understand why they are so expensive without looking for hidden rarities. It's worth a whopping $3,200.

7. 1926 Wheat Cent. no mintmark

2023 Lincoln Penny Value Chart (up to $100,000!) (17)

A true treasure for coin collectors, this Lincoln cent struck by the Philadelphia Mint is worth nearly $3,000, according to the official Red Book.

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What pennies are worth money in 2023? ›

Here's a list of the top 10 most valuable pennies for 2023:
  • 1) 1944 Steel Wheat Penny - $408,000.
  • 2) 1943 Copper Wheat Penny - $250,000.
  • 3) 1856 Flying Eagle Penny - $25,000.
  • 4) 1873 Indian Head Penny - $10,000.
  • 5) 1858 Flying Eagle Penny - $10,000.
  • 6) 1857 Flying Eagle Penny - $7,000.
  • 7) 1914 D Wheat Penny - $5,500.
Mar 1, 2023

What penny is worth $100 000? ›

A Rare 1943 Wheat Penny In Your Coin Jug Could Be Worth $100,000 or More. To say that I was excited when I found a 1943 Wheat penny in an old coin collection would be an understatement.

What year penny is worth $20000? ›

These Rare 1955 Wheat Pennies In Your Coin Collection Could Be Worth $20,000 or More.

What year penny is worth $50000? ›

The 1959 D Lincoln Mule Memorial penny remains one of the most controversial and rare coins. Though not graded, it remains one of the rarest coins. The penny is worth about $50,000. 1959 pennies you need to look for!


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