23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (2023)

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23620 Lyon Avenue Santa Clarita CA 91321

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Meet local bankers.

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Plan your future.

wealth expert

Mortgage Specialist

  • Get business checking account support for business loans.

  • Suitable for small and medium businesses.

Learn more about loansthistalk to a loan officer.

  • Use your Visa®, Mastercard® or Discover® card.

  • Bring a valid ID and signed physical card to a branch.

  • Restrictions and/or fees may apply.

meet the banker

  • If you do not have a personal check, please use a Bank of America check.

talk to banker

  • Use a temporary debit card to access your funds until the new card arrives.

  • Go to a branch with a valid ID.

  • Restrictions may apply.

talk to banker

  • Buy and sell foreign currency at this Bank of America branch.

  • For users with Bank of America checking, savings or cash accounts

visiting banker

  • Make sure the signature is authentic and that the signer is qualified to sign.

  • Available to Bank of America customers only.

looking for a date

  • Get help with buying a new home, refinancing, and other services.

Finding a Bank of America Mortgage Officer

  • Pay outside normal office hours using envelopes, overnight deposit bags, or tamper-evident bags.

  • next business day processing

  • Payments made before branch opening are processed on the same working day

  • Loan, title company, power of attorney, passport authorization and other documents are required.

meeting with a notary

  • Obtain a money order or cashier's check

  • It works like a check and is issued by a bank

  • Promissory note is $10

  • Personal money orders are $5

bank withdrawal

  • Start a personal, auto, business or home loan.

explore servicesthismeet the banker

  • Order Disposable Load Cards.

  • Available to Bank of America customers.

Order via bankor learn moreonline.

  • Store your important documents, valuables or emotional memories in a safe place1

  1. The safe and its contents are not covered by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance or Bank of America insurance policies.

contact a banker

  • Property management specialists from the US Bank and our US subsidiaries. Bancorp Investments can help create a plan that meets your present and future needs.

Find advisors and bankers near you.

  • Electronically transfer funds from your checking or savings account to U.S. banks almost anywhere in the world.

arrange with a bankeror send a domestic transferonline.

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23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (1)

Meet virtually with a local banker by phone or in person.

Your banker is at your service via video streaming and co-browsing tools. Everything from signing up for online banking to opening a business account and more.

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Get your home buying questions answered today.

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Understand and manage the home buying process. Our mortgage specialists can tailor a solution based on your unique needs.

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Bank when and where it suits you.

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Bank when and where it suits you.

Open an account today. Manage and pay bills. It's safe and simple. The Bank of America mobile app facilitates your banking transactions no matter where you are.

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  • 23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (4)23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (5)
  • 23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (6)23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (7)

Or text GET APP to 872265 to get the download link.

  • 23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (8)23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (9)
  • 23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (10)23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (11)

Or text GET APP to 872265 to get the download link.

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Simple and practical banking. Learn how.

You will need a Social Security Number or W-8BEN along with supporting documentation and valid identification. U.S. citizens can use an official photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport, or government or military ID. Proof of identity for non-U.S. citizens includes a foreign passport, visa, or I-9. Activation of your account requires an initial deposit of at least $25 (once approved). This can be paid by prepaid card, debit or credit card, wire transfer from another U.S. bank account, or wire transfer from another financial institution.

You must be at least 14 years old to open a checking account. Individuals under the age of 18 must co-register.

Meeting with your banker gives you time to ask any questions. Some services, such as document notarization, require an appointment. You can also get help with the mobile app, opening a checking or savings account, transferring money, and more. When you make an appointment, you choose a date and time, the purpose of your visit and whether you would like to meet in branch, by phone or virtually.

Bank of America's virtual meetings use two-way video technology to support your banking and financial needs. Schedule an enrollment appointment for Virtual Online Banking, download and set up the US mobile app. Banks to discuss opening new credit cards, credit and business accounts, and more. With a virtual appointment, you can interact face-to-face as if you were at a local branch without leaving your home.Schedule a Virtual AppointmentHelp with tasks such as signing up for online banking, setting up direct deposit, ordering a new debit card, and more.

What you need depends on the reason for your appointment. To get started, bring proof of identification, such as a valid driver's license, official photo ID, or a valid passport. Find more details and get answers to other common support questionsAppointment arrangement.

Now more than ever, you can do more than just withdraw money from an ATM. Most Bank of America ATMs allow you to check your bank account balances, deposit cash and checks, transfer money between accounts, make payments and reset your card PIN. You can even specify whether you want a large or small account if you only need to withdraw cash.learn moreAnd watch a video tutorial about Bank of America ATMs.

Register on usbank.com.Then select Customer Service at the top of the Dashboard and select Contact Us. From here you can contact us in several ways:

Call: Select the appropriate department you wish to contact from the phone list provided.

Email: Select Email us under "More options" on the right side of the page. Enter the required information and choose Submit.

If you're using Google, search for "bank of america near me". You can also visit the Bank of America Branch Locator athttps://www.usbank.com/locations/and enter your nearest address, city or state, and zip code. Another option is to click on the map and select the "Search this area" button. Use filters to narrow your search. You can also select Locations in the upper right corner of the usbank.com page to start your search.


  • US Wealth Management - Bank of America | Lice. Bancorp Investments is a marketing identifiable for the US bank and its US branches. Hezhong Investment.

  • The investment products and services are:

    No Deposit ● Not FDIC Insured ● May Lose Value ● Not Bank Guaranteed ● Not Insured by Federal Government Agencies

  • louse. Bank of America Bancorp Investments and its representatives do not provide tax or legal advice. Everyone's tax and financial situation is unique. You should consult your tax and/or legal advisors for advice and information regarding your particular situation.

  • forus bankinvestment company:

    Investment products and services are available throughus bankInvestments, the U.S. marketing name Bancorp Investments, Inc., memberFINRAISIPC, Investment Advisors and Affiliated Brokersus bankand branchBank of AmericaNational Association.

  • Bank of America:

  • louse. The Bank is not responsible for, and does not warrant, the products, services, operations or obligations of its branches.

  • Mortgage, real estate and loan products offered by the National Association of American Banks. Deposit products are offered by the National Bank Association. Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

  • The creditor and issuer of the Bank of America credit card is the National Association of American Banks, licensed separately under Visa U.S.A. Corporation, MasterCard International Inc. and American Express. American Express is a federal service mark of American Express.

  • 23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (12)23620 Lyons Ave ATM Santa Clarita CA 91321 | Bank of America (13)equal home lender


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