ATX, a mod for the PC game Trespasser, Dreamworks Interactive (2023)

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This page is the official page of the Trespasser mod ATX Trespasser. It will contain any new updates and other notes related to it. You can get any help related to Trespasser atTresconBulletin Board. I signed it as "Big Red". NOTE: These downloads are available for experimental purposes only. Use at your own risk [but report bugs or they won't be fixed].

ATX, a mod for the PC game Trespasser, Dreamworks Interactive (1)


ATX is a mod for DreamWorks Interactive's PC game Trespasser, designed to provide the game with a number of additional features, including new code, dinosaur options, graphics optimizations, technical assistance, and most notably level design addons. It consists of a DLL, a hack executable and some other basic files. It has been recently updated (version 2.00+).

In particular, ATX allows level designers to use additional ActionTypes in their levels and combine many new features with many old ones into one package. The new ActionType value is set using an external DLL, which automatically detects the associated executable after loading. This system allows updating a small DLL file without having to update the executable multiple times. New ActionTypes are programmed to use existing T-Script entries and are recognized as valid functions by Traspasser. All other functionality uses self-modifying code implemented by a DLL.

The list of included features is constantly growing. There is a list here, but I can never update it. For a complete list, you should check the ATX_README.htm file included with the latest ATX package (under the "Features" section).

Full documentation on new ActionTypes, tricks, and other features is provided, along with full FASM assembly source. As long as the end result is reasonably different from the source code, the source code is modifiable and can serve as a basis for others to gain trust. it doesyesFear of using, modifying, compiling, etc. ATX source. It's open for a reason. Much of the code has been reorganized in newer versions of ATX to help with this, with extensive use of FASM advanced macros, and an additional hacking guide (TEHG.txt).

ATX is generally tested for use with the following operating systems: Windows ME, Windows 98 SE (with and without unofficial updates), Windows2000 Professional with Service Pack 4, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional (s/SP1-SP2). However, generally only use Windows 2000 Professional with SP4 (with Update Pack 1) to test all new features. Later versions of ATX are also known to run on some versions of Linux (notably WINE).

Note that this is a beta-only mod. There are many more bugs/mistakes/bugs, though they may not be obvious at first. Depending on your system, it might work differently and you might run into issues. If this is the case, I would appreciate being notified of such issues via the Tresco message boards or email. Include a description of the problem, the type of executable and your operating system, the error.log and/or ATX_LOGFILE.txt log files, and screenshots if necessary. However, please read the list of known bugs beforehand to avoid submitting previously known bugs. Thanks.

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ATX, a mod for the PC game Trespasser, Dreamworks Interactive (2)



  • Legally valid copy of Dreamworks Interactive's Trespasser full version (CD)
  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000 SP4/XP SP1-SP3 or compatible Linux distribution (Windows Vista is not officially supported)
  • DirectX 6.1 or higher (preferably higher, i.e. 8.0+)
  • Pentium or AMD K6 processor or better (recommended: Pentium III, AMD Athlon or better)
  • Always have a few hundred megabytes of free hard disk space (recommended: several gigabytes) and appropriate virtual memory settings

Notes related to previous versions

  • If you are upgrading from an ATX version earlier than 2.00, you must delete the old ATX update executable and replace it with one of the pre-patched ATX 2.00+ executables.
  • Starting with ATX 2.00, you no longer need to patch a full version Trespasser installation to run ATX. A small patch (1.1 or has been applied to the distributed ATX executables. ATX_PATCHER is generally no longer needed unless you want to apply ATX to executables that already contain manual cracking, such as the original Trescom TC-Isle build. See the README file included in the executable package for details.
  • In ATX 2.10, the package executables were updated to provide demo executables and generic patches without forcing CD verification. The full version executable remains unchanged.

quick installation process

  1. Install the full version of Trespasser (hard disk installation is preferred)
  2. downloadIntrusion ATX2.zippackage and (only) the latestatx2xx.zipPackages from the ATX website
  3. Extract the two packages to the Trespasser folder. By default this is "C:\Program Files\DreamWorks Interactive\Trespasser\"
  4. go to that folder and run itHack ATX2.exe
  5. Next time the ATX version is updated, please download the latest versionatx2xx.zipJust unzip the package and unzip it to the Trespasser folder, replacing everything.

Detailed installation process

For detailed installation instructions, or if you are upgrading from an ATX version earlier than 2.00, see the installation section of the ATX_README.htm file in the latest ATX main package.

Important Precautions Before Use and Things to Avoid

Consider the following potentially serious problems before running ATX:

  • Make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive before starting. ATX (and sometimes Traspasser) do not check the free space limit.
  • Don't quit the game during important ALT-TAB matches. Sometimes it can cause problems with ATX (or even intruders).
  • Do not change video drivers, resolution, or video quality (other than draw distance) during gameplay. ATX does not currently support this event and may cause synchronization issues or memory leaks. Only change these video settings from the main menu and restart the level or game. If you need to change these settings in-game, please do not do so during heavy gameplay and restart Traspasser as soon as possible afterwards.
  • Do not delete the "MAPS" folder or any of its parent and child folders from the Traspasser folder.
  • Disable antivirus software and third-party memory management software. ATX uses unusual programming techniques that are often associated with malware and can be mistaken for such.
  • Do not mix EXE and DLL files from ATX 2.00+ with files from older ATX release series (1.62-).
  • For hackers: don't try to manually resize ATX or Trespasser executables. ATX can coexist with Trespasser EXE's manual hex handling, but it must always be the same size for ATX to recognize it correctly.
  • Remember: to run Trespasser with ATX enabled, run the ATX executable, not the regular Trespasser run menu item.

FAQs and Questions

(Video) How to Install Trespasser on Windows 10

Here are some of the most common Trespasser/ATX problems and easy solutions:

Game settings or Traspasser/ATX executable errors on launch

-> In Windows XP, right click on the executable (or setup95.exe, trespass.exe, ATX Trespasser executable or any executable EXE on the Trespasser CD), select Properties, select the Compatibility tab, select " In Compatibility mode:", select Windows 95 or Windows 98 from the drop-down menu, and click OK. With a few extra steps, this is also possible on Windows 2000 (search MSDN for Windows 2000 Compatibility Mode).

Intro video plays too fast, choppy sound, fatal error when launching ATX or game executable

-> For this, you need to download and unpack ATX, and you should try to run it at least once. Open ATXconfig.ini (in Notepad), find the [Troubleshooting] section, set DisableA3DdllDetection=1 instead of 0 and save the file. This error is caused by the presence of an incompatible A3D.dll file in the system folder. This fix just prevents it from being detected by intruders. NOTE: This will disable 3D sound.

The configuration file ATXconfig.ini is missing or cannot be found

-> Run the ATX executable once, then quit the game. ATX only creates this file on first boot (this makes updates easier).

What files does ATX need to run?

-> At least, in the Trespasser folder you should have the ATYPEX.dll file, the trespassATX2.exe (or other ATX patch executable) and the MAPS folder (containing everything in the latest package). ATXconfig.ini should also be created after first boot (if not, ATX uses default configuration).

User-created levels become garbled after restarting, loading a savegame from the same level, or selecting "Restart Level"

(Video) Trespasser VR - Sound Demonstration

-> Select the ATX "Disable Fast Reboot" option in the main menu of the game. This helps fix some issues with scene files and saves games that don't load properly. NOTE: Some levels with specific issues such as unstable terrain will not work properly with this feature.

The game randomly crashes when there are too many things on the screen or after the level loads

-> You may have set the drawing distance too high. Go back to the video options menu and swipe it all the way to the left. Also, try enabling hardware rendering if it is not already enabled (use the "Choose a new video driver" button). Some layers do not work properly in software mode.

Not available for Windows Vista or Windows 7

-> Unfortunately ATX has not been tested to work with Windows Vista or Windows 7.



Trespasser, its concepts, or any variations of the aforementioned games are Copyright © 1998 - 2001 Dreamworks Interactive/EaGames, LLC. All rights reserved. End user assumes all risk and responsibility for possession and use of the software and for any and all additions, changes or modifications thereto, whether legal or otherwise. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: legal ownership of any copyrighted or commercial material used on or in connection with the Software;



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normal message

  • The latest version of ATX includes a custom high-res patch by TSOrd and Mark Grant. It can be disabled via ATXconfig.ini if ​​desired. I don't believe in this feature, it's provided as a convenience and as a feature of the sadly late TSOrd.
  • Be sure to read ATX_README.htm in the main ATX package ( before using it, whether it's your first time or just updated.
  • Report a problem/bugTresconcourt.

ATX version 2.00+

(If you're new to ATX, the minimum download required for ATX to work is highlighted in red - also check out Slugger's Trespasser Primer on Trescom for a helpful installer)

ATX versionrelease dateCore package (required for every update)Executable package (required, one-time installation)Source package (optional - includes source code, plugin reference and TEHG only)information
(The content update only removes the CD demo, players who already have the following versions do not need to re-download)
atx213 source code.zipA slightly better source, with some camera settings added.
2.102009/11/21atx210.zipatx210 source code.zipFixed Trespasser bug with ESC key menu, updated to remove CD check in ATX demo, improved ATX_README.htm (I think), various updates.
2.07September 20, mirror)Intrusion
(original version with CD test check, superseded by above, but still works on all newer ATX 2 versions)
atx207 source code.zipMany fixes and some console command changes.
2.052007/11/01atx205.zipatx205 source code.zipDelayed release of bug fixes! Fixed some incorrect ActionType behavior. mirror)atx203 source code.zipVery minor update (one bugfix). A little bit about the two years! oh! OK
2.0126/01/2007atx201.zipatx201 source code.zipThe first public beta of ATX 2! Full review of sources. Check for installation changes before use.

Other ATX files

documentrelease dateinformation
(everyone assumes ATX is installed)
TresHUD_v1.0.zip2008/10/30TresHUD v1.0. Alternative HUD for ATX 2+. Instructions: Extracts the HUD map and copies it to the Violator's MAPS map. Replace all files. Author: Xie Youcheng ATX 2.00)2D map pack for Rebel (full version only). Contains 2D top view maps of several full levels of the game for MAP cheats. Just unzip to the main cheat directory.
atxtestplugin100.zip26/01/2007ATX test plugin version 1.00 (for ATX 2.01). Just unzip to the main Traspasser folder, keeping the pathnames. Please read the attached README file for details.
ATX Old/Deprecated Versions Page(before ATX 2.00)This page contains ATX versions prior to 2.00. They are deprecated and are no longer supported in any way. For inheritance purposes only.

ATX, a mod for the PC game Trespasser, Dreamworks Interactive (3)


  • website- Creator of the fantastic TC-Isle and Trescom Ops levels, now hosting an ATX site! Many thanks to madppiper and Remdul for this service.
  • File Planet Network- Reliable game save with Trespasser download (registration required).
  • TC- SylverRaptor's Trespasser Download Center.
  • FASM- Flat Assembler home page for all ATX versions.
  • Ollydbg- Excellent debugger.
  • XVI32- Excellent hex editor capable of handling very large files with ease.
  • Shrink film VB- Finally, a guide to the elusive feature of Windows VFW AVIFile.

ATX, a mod for the PC game Trespasser, Dreamworks Interactive (4)


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