How much did the house sell for? File transfer to Ocala/Marion: 3.-9. April 2023 (2023)

This is a list of transfers of documents valued at $60,000 or morein marion county.The list appears alphabetically by parcel name - if the parcel is listed on the title deed. If there is no subdivision or the subdivision is too small, only "Marion County" is listed. In some cases, there is a segment specified, but our system does not recognize it. After the district name is the seller and buyer (surname listed first), then the sale price.

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Circuit Court Clerk-Recorded Transfers of $60,000 or More for April 3-9, 2023.

Autumn Glen:G2G Development LLC of DR Horton Inc.,126,000 units

Autumn Glen:DR Horton Inc. Trobough Eric Sc ​​ott,264,990 shares

Autumn Canyon: DR Horton Inc. Rodriguez Miguel, $267,990

Special time:Photo of Ocala/Marion County Class of 2023

who is hungry;Ocala Restaurants Opening, Expanding, Relocating, or Gaining New Owners in 2023

Autumn Glen:DR Horton Inc. Solomon William Harvey,282,990 pcs

Autumn Canyon: DR Horton Inc. Uga Chukwubuikem Umeu, $307,990

Bellechase: Lennar Homes LLC to Pasqualeu Jamesu J, $516,000

Belleview:Scroggie Casey Weitlauf Properties LLC,148.000 美元

Belleview: O'Neal Penelope Tegeru, 285,000 views

Belleview Heights Estates: Greene Stephanie za Rosado Bernard Eneida, 91.000 δολìρια

Belleview Heights Estates:Persaud Latchmandath Pinellas Equities LLC,109.000 美元

Belleview Heights Estates:Ab Master Investments LLC Salasu Jerytu Josesu Torresu, 230.000 δολάρια

Belleview Hills Estates:Bohannon Henry Lynch to Davidu,100,000 美元

Brookhaven: Marion 60 LLC to DR Horton Inc., $228.121

Brookhaven:Adams Homes Of Northwest Florida Inc. Marquezu Simonu Jonathan, 354.200 US dollars

Brookhaven: DR Horton Inc. Costell Michael J II Tr, 404.990 $

Brookhaven: DR Horton Inc. Cunningham Candy Couture, 413.365 δολìρια

Caldwells i Ocala:Rita M do Coluccia Roberta room, $340,0

Candler Hills: Strynar Fredric A to Hallick Robert C, $498,000

Candler Hills: Top of the World Community L L C στον Fritz Allen Ernst, 541.325 $

Cedar Hill: Livingston Lori C Smith Margaret, 199.200 δολìρια

Cedar Hill: Sheldon Robert Mabry Travis, $310,000

Circle Square Woods: Wehrwein Diana Nousiainen v George Alexander W, $219,900

Circle Square Woods:Wilcox Karen do Yost Sherryl J, 162.000 δολìρια

Citra:McRae Mark Denison Kyleru,370.000 $

Seoska Price: Gallagher Teresa L to Kealey Ruth Eileen, $229,900

Deer Meadow: Banersy Corp Inc. Martinu Coreyu J, 188.300 Mimoto

Deer Path:DR Horton Inc. do Puglia Alissa Rose,277.990 美元

Deer Path:DR Horton Inc. do Kudzu L C,281,990 shares

Deer Path: DR Horton Inc. do Pellot Rosalina, $293.990

Deer Path: Jones Charles R Jr έως Thomas Oliver, 550.000 $

Dorchester Estates: Adams Homes Of Northwest Florida Inc. Hasseyu Armandu Raulu, 398.950 US dollars

Dunnellon:Watkins Ruth 到 Snellings Ann W,650.000 $

Free Crossroads: Lennar Homes LLC do Vashi Devendra C, 385.480 δολìρια

Greystone Hills:DR Horton Inc. Talbertu Alaricu Andrewsu,363.070 美元

Greystone Hills: DR Horton Inc. Burke Dori Anne, 365.305 Mimoto

HeathBrook/Heathbrook: DR Horton Inc. Bhattu Vinayu, $409.990

HeathBrook/Heathbrook: DR Horton Inc. Patelu Chiragu Mukundchandri, $479,873

Hidden Lake: Robert John Russo Elizabeth Damaged, $272,500

Irish Acres: Debish Heath Lozanu Carlosu, $124,000

JB Ranch: Greco John M to Harris Bobby Dewayne, $315,000

Juliette Falls: Juliette Falls Lots LLC and Vikings LLC, $90.000

Juliette Falls: Vikings LLC to Mcbride Roberta W, $569,200

Kingsland Country Estates:Mells Carlita L do Nisbett Kim Bembry,341,5 美元

Kingsland Country Estates: Potts Justin B to Duell Joshua, $370,000

Kingsland Ctry Ests Forest Glen:Chiari Lisbeth D Jamesu Antoniju,310,000 US$

Kingsland Ctry Ests Forest Glenn: Lukasik Korea C do Mulet Darianny Serrano, $383,000

Kingsland Ctry Ests Forest Glenn:Nieves Israel Jonesu Josephu,398,000 美元

Lake Diamond: Mr4 LLC and DR Horton Inc., $164,000

Lake of Diamonds: DR Horton Inc. Sullivan Penelope Low, $302,990

Diamond Lake: DR Horton Inc. Perez Yuraisy De La Caridad Gonzalez, $316,990

Manufacturer:DR Horton Inc. Newsome Dorothy Lou, $347,000

Lake Tropicana Ranchettes: King David Huthinson στην Gina Marie, 170.000 $

Lake Weir Shores:Bettr Homes Construction LLC za Marion Fund H1 LLC,99.382,22 美元

Liberty Village: Lennar Homes LLC at Donna Jones Hall, Shogsbergh, $301.475

Liberty Village: Lennar Homes LLC Betts Cindy Carol, $325,000

Liberty Village:Lennar Homes LLC Williamsu Larryju Deanu Jr.,325.980 美元

Longleaf Ridge: Prutzer Leslie to Johnson Kent L, $310,500

Longleaf Ridge: On top of World Communities LLC, courtesy of Flynn Kathleen F, $349.795

Marion County: Bill Investment Properties LLC προς Osowski Charles, 60.000 $

Okrug Marion: Oklawaha Rv Resort LLC and Caldwell James, $61,400

Okrug Marion: Oklawaha Rv Resort LLC and Caldwell James, $61,400

Marion County: Jackson Sherry to Yake Randi A, $63,000

Marion County: Donny Jim Boyles to Bradley Earl, $70,000

Okrug Marion: Dudginski to Michael Montoyi Lwsyani Rodriguez, $70,000

Okrug Marion:Elder Planning Income Concepts LLC Takali Nancy L,75.000 美元

Marion County: Horne Martha D Adams to Patrick, $78,500

Okrug Marion:Brown Joe C Tr Sikora Robert A II,79,900 股

Marion County: Moorer Alice Dhanani Alykhan, $80,000

Oakrug Marion:Thomas Valpeau C Jr. Land Man Holdings LLC, $88,000

Marion County: Prisciandaro Anthony to Prime Investors Inc., $95,000

Marion County: Boutwell Norman Bedell to Christine, $99,000

Okrug Marion:Gonzalez Short Patricia A do Alfarone Anthony,99,000 美元

Marion County: Steinhoff Karl Henning White στον Timothy James, 100.000 $

Marion County: Smith Tammie Schade Amy Lynn, $105,000

Marion County: Harter Ryan Martinez Jeniffer S, $110,000

Okrug Marion: Oliver Patsy L Sunrock Capital LLC, $110,000

Marion County: Geist to Jimenez Gerard, $110,000

Marion County: Baxley David Biondi to Robert J, $122,000

Marion County: Larsen Andrew J to Greenwood Michael, $122,500

Okrug Marion:Taveras Susana Gann Peter Ortiz,125.0 feet

Marion County: Dasratram Gopi Emery Denise, $126,000

Marion County: Sutton Sidney J to William Lyles Jr., owner, $130,000

Marion County: Melcher Jennifer Gustafson to Marlys T, $143,500

Marion County: Dancing Ocean LLC to Arthur Charles Wayne, $147,000

Marion County: Johnson Charles F έως Clevenstine John W, 148.000 $

Marion County: Azevedo Celso G to Pockets Inc., $150,000

Marion County: Nelms Karen Eminisor to Mabry John Drew, $150,000

Marion County: Pruitt Kimberli Anne to Thompson Bobby Joe, $150.000

Marion County: Tamra στον Boyle Timothy John, Netherlands, 150.000 $

Marion County: Miller Scott William Spiller Carlu, $163,000

Okrug Marion:Dive Dallas at Canyon Meaney,175,000 美元

Marion County: Howard Traci L Elliott Jean Elizabeth, $175,000

Marion County: Jameson Tommy R Thomas to Eddie Lee, $190,000

Marion County: Raydient LLC to Christesen Daniel, $202,000

Marion County: Mohamed Mohamed N to Walker Don Allen, $215,000

Okrug Marion: Brown Tara Emery Diane, 215,000 Beauty Yuan

Okrug Marion:Pendola Carlos A do Myers Susan H,219.900 美元

Marion County: Drc24 LLC προς Mani Neel Mani Neel, 220.000 $

Marion County: Engstrom Mary C Lee Frances, $220,000

Okrug Marion: Ritter Erika S do Nosca Paul Roger, 220,000 Beauty

Marion County: Roberts Dawn Vicki στον Todd Jeffrey L, 222.000 $

Okrug Marion:Vatsavayi Swetha Sonayna LLC-u,225.000 US$

Okrug Marion: Principal Partners Group LLC to Bransonu Chazu, $225,000

Marion County: Wronski Jennifer Marie u Opdyke Dallas D, $227,000

Okrug Marion:Skyline Trust Investments Group LLC Nardeu Rajwatieju,229.900 美元

Marion County: Morrill Ryan Anthony Temple to Jamie Lynn, $235,000

Okrug Marion: Colon Hannibal Koehn Sari L, $240,000

Marion County: Hendrix Jessen Chandler Bellamy Breanna M, $249,000

Okrug Marion:Kline Rodney P do 2124 N Marshall St LLC,250.000 美元

Okrug Marion:Snyder Tyler S Gotwals Brothers LLC,250.000 美元

Marion County: Miller Justin Travis to Crus Juliana Felipe, $252.000

Okrug Marion: Vinals Realty & Management Corp to Boiesu Steven Drew, $260,000

Marion County: Ping Kelly Casono Brento Ericu, $262.000

Okrug Marion:Roleys Remodeling & Painting LLC za Gonzalez Patricka,265.000 美元

Okrug Marion: Kanelopoulos v Peter W Feinmanu Rhysu, $275,000

Marion County: Houghton James Michael Calam Jennifer, $279,000

Marion County: Hendon Mark Nelson to Andrew, $280,000

Okrug Marion:Hernandez Melvin Lucero ή Herrera Oney,300.000 美元

Okrug Marion:Thorne Daryl G Ocala R E Ventures LLC,337.500 美元

Okrug Marion: Platinum Property Investments LLC to Miranda Elizabeth, $355,000

Marion Okrug: Satterwhite Cynthia N Gerstu to Deborah Marie, $360,000

Marion County: Fulmer Mark T u Booth Dustin C, $440,000

Marion County: Operation Welcome Home LLC to Operation Shoebox Usa Inc., $550,000

Marion Okrug: Desguin Olivia J to Burroughs Robertu E, $619,000

Marion County: Burdick Kaylee to Elise Lopez John Paul Alcantari, $700,000

Okrug Marion:Martelli Rentals LLC za A & L Homes Ocala Ll,700,000 美元

Okrug Marion:Sabrosie LLC do Midstate Properties Paddock Park LLC,740.000 美元

Marion County: Alphonso Charles Allen στον Shiffered J Charles, $877.500

Okrug Marion: Ocala SE 8th Street LLC and James Properties LLC, $915,000

Okrug Marion:Sichini Louis F za Melbros Properties Exchange Accommodation Titleholder 1 LLC,950.000 美元

Okrug Marion: Activist John Miller Donni R, $950,000

Marion County: Sheppard Kathlyne W έως Debra Holt, $989,999

Okrug Marion:Elyaman Waleed A u D&D Canyon Retreat LLC, $1,100,000

Marion County: Lee Frances B do Hartsocka Davida Tr-a, $1,200,000

Okrug Marion:Brothers Land Development Inc. Emerson Pointe Development LLC,2 000 000 美元

Marion County: Scott Thomas Richard Clancy to Deborah Anne Smith, $2,300,000

Okrug Marion:Golden Ocala Equestrian Land LLC,3.528.744 $ USD

Okrug Marion:Landfair Owner LLC και Landfair Ocala Crn LLC,10.000.000 美元

Marion Landing:Gossett Debra K u Opendoor Property Trust I,211.700 美元

Marion Landing:Baxter Harold A Hawley to Christopheru,240,000 美元

Marion Oaks:Valentin Carmen M Almeydi Anthonyju Richardu,110,000 US$

Marion Oaks: Ballet Odell Willie to Brown Mackenzie, $115,000

Marion Oaks:Freedom Investments Usa LLC Kubrusly & Basso Development LLC,135.000 美元

Marion Oaks:Bettr Homes Construction LLC Fl Marion Fund H1 LLC,187.817,73 美元

Marion Oaks: Steven za Elder Planning Inc.ome Concepts LLC, Hamburg, $210.427

Marion Oaks:Southern Impression Homes LLC για Schatz Jennifer,215.900 美元

Marion Oaks: Uncle Rachel L to Acuna Suarez Helmer A, $225,000

Marion Oaks:Bettr Homes Construction LLC za Marion Fund H1 LLC,228.284 美元

Marion Oaks:Bettr Homes Construction LLC za Marion Fund H1 LLC,228.284 美元

Marion Oaks: Garraway to Colin Palma and Rafael, $250,000

Marion Oaks: Perfect Deed Homes LLC za Ha Thomasa, 254.000 Mimoto

Marion Oaks:Perfect Deed Homes LLC Willisu Christopheru Paytonu,254.000 美元

Marion Oaks: Aldana Contracts LLC στην Darisma Chrisline, 255.000 $

Marion Oaks: John A Rankin Construction Co Inc. Poffu Alexisu Faithu, 255 500 Mimoto

Marion Oaks: Fl Acquisition LLC of Barrios Carolina B, $259,900

Marion Oaks:John A Rankin Construction Co Inc. Delgadu Michaelu,262,000 shares

Marion Oaks:Bbg PoInc.iana LLC River Oscar,$265,000

Marion Oaks: Tonus Services LLC Fonnesbecku Danielu D., $265.000

Marion Oaks: Homes & Houses LLC and Honorato Moniku M, $265.000

Marion Oaks:Holiday Builders Inc. Ocasiju Felix Matosu,268,690 股

Marion Oaks:Strong One Invest LLC Ramirez Carlos Jr,269,900 pcs

Marion Oaks:Pro Touch Spec LLC στον Ramos Omar Arnold Garcia,269.900 $

Marion Oaks: Deltona Corporation v Mcleggonu Delroy, $277,000

Marion Oaks: Investment Brokers LLC za Pena Victor M, $278.000

Marion Oaks:Sky Building Investments LLC Dorsonu Rotchildu Wesleyju,280.000 美元

Marion Oaks: Southern Impression Homes LLC of Budhu Rudri, $284,900

Marion Oaks: Rc Developments LLC προς Munera Maria Patricia, 288.000 $

Marion Oaks: Walcott Grantley Carteru Robertu Peteru, 290,000 U.S. dollars

Marion Oaks:Rc Developments LLC Frazieru Gregoryju P.,290.000 美元

Marion Oaks: Rc Developments LLC to Maldonadu Johnnyju Riveri, $295,000

Marion Oaks: Deltona Corporation Grose Marvi, $303.695

Marion Oaks: DR Horton Inc. Oneillu Anjulie Marie, 304.990 Mimoto

Marion Oaks: Bbg PoInc.iana LLC v Contrerasu Freddyju Javieru Morenu, $306,000

Marion Oaks: Luxar Construction LLC στον Lennberg James, 311.000 $

Marion Oaks:Drc24 LLC za Marriott Veronica E,315.000 美元

Marion Oaks:Milestone Management Group LLC Algarinu Enriqueu J Diazu,316.500 美元

Marion Oaks:Milestone Management Group LLC Ferrer Luisu Rosario,324,900 acres

Marion Oaks: Robert Kenne Thomas to Jessica L, $330,000

Marion Oaks: Adams Homes Of Northwest Florida Inc. Loneyju Justin Michael, 333,250 square feet

Marion Oaks:Elder Planning Inc.ome Concepts LLC Adams Eleni,429.925 美元

Marion Oaks:Belac Homes Inc. Jordi Realty Corporationu,489.800 美元

Meadow Glenn: Wells Lauren Michelle Krallu Donni L, $255,000

Meadow Glenn:Debello Theresa L Opendoor Property Trustu I,277.700 美元

Meadow Glenn: Caldwell Justin as Monster Corp, $290,000

Meadow Glenn:Dan Michael D to Dow Lynda M,321,000 美元

MeadowWood/Meadow Wood:Mchenry Dee D Banksu Haruko M,556.000 美元

Oak Run: Bodmer Ronald P to Montague Brenda, $304,900

Oak Run Neighborhoods: Kurbanick Crispin P to Hamel Raja Eilia Simpson, $185,0

Oak Run City:Sencer Joel Zielinski Colleen A, 219,000 cash

Oak Run Block: 232,000 views

Oak Run Neighborhood:Looby Michael Degregorio Johnu,309,000 units

Ocala Crossing: Adams House in Northwest Florida Asante Jacqueline K, $350,550

Ocala Crossings:Dr. Horton Inc. Slaughter Eric Jewell,389.990 美元

Ocala Crossings: Ocala Crossings South LLC and DR Horton Inc., $205.926

Ocala Heights: Meath Kristin Ann Conway Dustin Edwards, $179,000

Ocala Heights: Bellamy Breanna M do Feichtenbiner Marla S, $199,900

Ocala Palms: Fogelman Jodi and Elpe LLC, $145,000

Ocala Palms: Gullage David S do Hobbs Jack, $249,900

Ocala Palms:Bates Beth S Mumy Maryellen L,280,000 美元

Ocala Park Estates:Shaw David C Elder Planning Inc.ome Concepts LLC,123.050 美元

Ocala Park Estate: Alexander Daisy A Korostishevski Irini R, $175,000

Ocala Park Estates: Tripod Charles C Peace to Gerard John Ochoa, $219,000

Ocala Park Estates: Baller Dorothy Russell to Lynnu Reneu, $225,500

Ocala Reserve: Horton Inc. Andersen Bronwyn Lynn, $264.9

Ocala Preserve: DR Horton Inc. Morton Steven Scott, $266.165

Ocala Reservation: DR Horton Inc. by Tate Anthony Dewayne, $322,740

Ocala: DR Horton Inc. za Ametsak 2 LLC, $324,990

Ocala Preserve: Elder Hugo R. Whitman to Melindy L., $365,000

Ocala Reserve: Sh Aa Development LLC Uveni Michaelu, $402.635

Ocala Conservancy: Sh Aa Development LLC στον Clements Christopher, 404.057 $

Ocala Preserve:Dunbobb 的 Brian Roy Pellet έως Marilyn Brooks Tr, 410.000 $

Ocala Preserve: Sh Aa Development LLC to Dowmanu Paulu Nicholas, $447,990

Ocala Reservations: DR Horton Inc. Leidich to David A, $549,215

Ocklawaha: Absolute Enterprises of Central Florida LLC Ortizu Javieru A, 139.000 美元

On Top of the World: Shultz Raymon DR to Fulwider Robert C, $278,000

On Top of the World: Edwards Jennifer M to Naumann David Joseph, $299,900

Orange Blossom Hills: Hamilton Judie Ann Patterson to William, $80,000

Orange Blossom Hills:Lois Lane Properties LLC Elliottu Keithu F,181.125 美元

Orange Blossom Hills: Cape Village Group Inc. do Krey Dawn, 279.800 美元

Orange Blossom Hill: Caldust LLC Jaime Xiomara, $299,900

Orange Blossom Hill: Soares Sandra L Roeding Haroldu, $365,000

Orange Blossom Hills: Rigby Brent D do Casasco Louis Tr, $503,500

Pine Run Estates: Leger Robert H to Arnettu Lethi, $173,000

Pine Run Estates:Lennar Homes LLC Brideau Garyju,318.480 美元

Pine Run Estates:Lennar Homes LLC Grossmanu Samu Zembleu,339.480 美元

Pine Run Estates:Lennar Homes LLC za Moore Tramaine Darrell,382.675 美元

Pine Run Estates:Lennar Homes LLC Lennar Homes LLC,411.980 美元

Rainbow Acres: Trevino Arnaldo O Jr and Turnback Paula J, $243,820

Rainbow Acres: Earlin Bruce L to Oconnella Jamesa N, $297,000

Rainbow Lake Estate: Walker Angeline J Meridian Trust Holdings LLC, $185,000

Rainbow Lake Estate: Larue Gerald E Andersonu Kennethu L, 187.000 dolara

Rainbow Lakes Estates: Jeansonne Kevin Olazabalu to Orfiliju J, $194,000

Rainbow Lake Estates: Meridian Trust Holdings LLC Nm Properties Of Sw Fl LLC, $205,000

Rainbow Lakes Estates: Corporal Joseph M Burns to James Martin, $297,800

Rainbow Lakes Estates: Mitchell Annalee J to Webster David E, $317,000

Rainbow Springs: Lab Robert Loane Lauri L, $320,000

Rainbow Springs:Mortgage Solutions & Investments Properties LLC Marquisu Richardu A,330.000 美元

Rainbow Springs:H Stuart Investments LLC Folsomu Derricku,337.900 美元

Rainbow Springs Ctry Club Est:Mortgage Solutions & Investments Properties LLC za Long Johna Allena,328.000 美元

Rolling Hills: Micah Andrew LLC Hudginsu Timothyju, 300.000 δολìρια

Rolling Hills: Your Home Source LLC za Gonzales Dulce Elenia, 308.000 美元

Rolling hills: Marr James do Kemp Mark, 317.500 δολìρια

Rolling Hills: Hiittner Fred Jr Rollins Matthew, 324.900 δολìρια

Rolling hills: Parks Colene do Birnbauma Zacheryja Davida, $332,000

Rolling Hills: Yarger Melissa H Gummerson to Susan Jean, $340,000

Rolling Hills: Pai Niranjan N Colesu Martynu, $480,000

Rolling Ranch Estates:Km Reynolds Enterprises LLC za Carter Cecily Renae,209.998 美元

Saddle Creek:Tripod Charles C to Duron Jean Carlos,259,000 美元

Silver Spring: Gorilla Capital Florida Jkr LLC σε Rund Jared, $265,000

银泉:Rivera Johnny F u Torres Frederico Valencia, $369,000

Silver Springs Shores:Hodge Roger Elliottu Drucilli,75,000 美元

Silver Springs Shores:King VInc.ent Highpoint Holdings Group LLC,147.000 美元

Silver Springs Shores: White Elizabeth Tj of Miami Inc., $147,500

Silver Springs Shores:Highpoint Holding Group LLC Singhu Mangalu,149.900 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Tb Acquisitions LLC Tr Pigeon & Sons Enterprises Inc.,187.500 美元

Silver Springs Shores: Good Ol Boys LLC to Charlsonu Shawn Michaelu, $210,000

Silver Springs Shores: Good Ol Boys LLC to Razi Adnanu Syedu, $210,000

Silver Springs Shores:Patrick Holdings LLC u Aha Investeing LLC,212.500 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Patrick Holdings LLC Seipu Neilu Gregoryju,212.500 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Patrick Holdings LLC Martinezu Joseu Ramonu Ditrenu,212.500 美元

Silver Springs Shores: Kline Chester Jr to Keller Lynn Elwood, $225,000

Silver Springs Shores:Opendoor Property Trust I Welchu Zachariah,230.000 US$

Silver Springs Shores: Perfect Deed Homes LLC Mooreu Tyleru, 239.900 δολìρια

Silver Springs Shores:Si Homes Rcl LLC Barronu Andrewu,244.900 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Msn Development LLC Bigelow Davidu,245.000 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Msn Development LLC Bigelow Davidu,245.000 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Vandygriff Stephanie Lebelu Zacheryju,245,000 美元

银泉海海:D & S Development LLC Comasu Albertu Vargasu, 249.900 δολαια

Silver Springs Shores:Opendoor Property Trust I Pitsu Williamu Michaelu,252.000 US$

Silver Springs Shores:Boutwell Contracting & Development LLC za Langomas Apolinar,259.900 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Medina Maribel Ramos Gonzalez Almi,260,000 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Henry Management Co Williamsu Bryanniji,261.000 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Perfect Deed Homes LLC Hendersonu Justinu,264.180 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Worldwide Alliance LLC για Nelson Mary Elizabeth,269.900 美元

Silver Springs Shores: Casa21 LLC by Taylor Michele Elisabeth, $281,500

Silver Springs Shores:Avian Investment LLC za Palacio Yeisy Alderete,290.000 美元

Silver Spring Coast: Pierantoni Dennis Brashiero Justinu M, 375.000 $

Silver Springs Shores:Bettr Homes Construction LLC za Marion Fund C1 LLC,525.207,58 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Southern Impression Homes LLC και Cmsr Ventures LLC,679.900 美元

Silver Springs Shores:Southern Impression Homes LLC και Cmsr Ventures LLC,679.900 美元

Silver Springs Shores: Tr Circuit Clerk, National Association of American Bankers, 107.001 $

Silver Springs Shores: Circuit Clerk, Brightlite Homes 1 LLC, $135,100

South Point: Jiron Jose L Jr. u Moskowitz Kara, $1,375,000

South Point: za Ghumman Family Ltd, an American development and construction company, $185.028

South Point: Ghumman Family Ltd, an American development and construction company, $181.417

South Point: Ghumman Family Ltd, an American development and construction company, $171.385

South Point: za Ghumman Family Ltd, an American development and construction company, $105.175

Spruce Creek:Decker HarolDR do Greene Clifton W Jr,182.500 美元

Spruce Creek Country Club: Olson Harley D do Bosley Diane C, $259.000

Spruce Creek Country Club: Kim Hee Soon στο Urbanowicz Alice Tr, $289,000

Spruce Creek Country Club: Campbell Thomas E to Peper Mindy Diane, $317,500

Spruce Creek Country Club: Mcatee Jerry Winki Ronald L Tr, $324,900

Spruce Creek Country Club: Fleming Michael J to Yeater Chelsy L, $327,000

Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club: Leggett William T Fowleru Carltonu Smithu, $275.000

Reserve Spruce Creek: Horn Gunnar K by Brodkorb Linda K, 249.500 Mimoto

Spruce Creek South: Transfer of Barbara to Tltd LLC, 240.000 $

Spruce Creek South:Hale Sonny D to Newenhouse Susan,$257,000

Spruce Creek South: Thompson Darlene A Lewis Amy, 259,000 Mimoto

Stone Creek to Del Webb: Knudson Ralph Reilly to Patrick M, $322,000

Stone Creek by Del Webb: Pulte Home Company LLC στον Alexander Mark E, 337.020 $

Del Webb's Stone Creek:Smith Robertson Lallou to Rizzo James,350,000 美元

Stone Creek Del Webb:Heilman James L Price James William,369,250 pcs

Stone Creek od Del Webba: Harmon Kenneth W to Houzea Williama C, 373,873 Mimoto

Stone Creek in Del Webb: Pulte Home Company LLC to Graves William L, $376.460

Stone Creek by Del Webb: Pulte Home Company LLC στον Harris Richard L, 435.550 $

Stone Creek od Del Webba:Pulte Home Company LLC για Mcmordie Patrick I,456.980 美元

Stone Creek to Del Webb: Pulte Home Company LLC to Bednarski Leslie H, $493,960

Stonecrest:Montalbano Mindy do Shields Lawrence J,320,000 land

Stonecrest: Burgess Jimmy L to Reed James P, $369,000

Summercrest:Summercrest financira Clayton Properties Group Inc.,184.800 美元

Summercrest:Adams Homes Of Northwest Florida Inc. για Yanok James Robert,298.750 美元

Summercrest: Clayton Properties Group Inc. Bonnellu Travisu Edwinu, 298.970 δολάρια

Summercrest: Adams Homes Of Northwest Florida Inc. za Ballestero Josselin Gabriela,314.250 美元

Summercrest: Clayton Properties Group Inc. Odayu Matthewu Robertu, 317.290 δολάρια

Summercrest: Poff Gary Blake στον Timothy Eugene, 429.000 Mimoto

Summerton:Palitsch Erik D for Adega Jose,475,000 pesos

Timberwood:Cashworthy Investments LLC M & C Holdings Of Central Florida LLC,172.811 美元

Sela Marion:Tulip Barbara To Snellgrove Charles Carnegie,$260,000

Village of Marion: Brown Deborah J Vanrenterghem Robert, $297,5

Sela Marion: Beacham Kathleen G to Hofmann Mary P, $309,000

Marion Village: Kissinger Brian Keith u Sun Valley Equity LLC, $317.499

Sela Marion: Saxon Daniel W do Sarchet Angeline Marie, $335,000

Marion Village: Hall Herbert B IIi Buemi Joseph, 359.500 $

West End Ocala: Isaac Michelle do Diaz to Andrew Manuel, $175,000

Westwood: Snyder Carolyn do Palazzo Joanna, $60,000

Weybourne Landing:Top of the World Communities LLC shares Lewis DaviDRbert,387.5 feet

White Oak Village: Echols Robert M do Silverstein Michael P, $110,000

White Oak Village: Echols Robert M do Silverstein Michael P, $115,000

Woodfield Crossing: Graves Milton L to Margaret Spontak, $78,000

Woods and Lakes: Steinhoff Karl έως Schilling James R, 65.000 $

Woods and Lakes: Turner Brian Keith στον Gasco Edward Peter, 350.000 $

Wynchase Townhomes: Montgomery Sonya to Williams Aliceson, $167,000

Wynchase Townhomes:Tripodi Charles C do Mcevoya Roberta,US$175,000

This article originally appeared on the Ocala Star-Banner:File transfer to Ocala/Marion: 3.-9. April 2023


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