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Home delivery of packages has increased over the years and is familiar to most Americans. Packages delivered to your door are very convenient, though. But no delivery company has more usage than Amazon. Amazon ships billions of packages directly to your door every year. But as more and more packages are being left on porches, so has package theft.

bootleg on the porchThis becomes a big problem. Only until 2021, approximately210 million packetsThey're stolen from America's front porch. If your package has been stolen, you may be wondering what to do next. We'll walk you through three packet theft scenarios (shown as untraceable packets delivered by a third party) andWhat to do if your Amazon package is stolen. Millions of packages have been stolen, and this can happen to anyone ordering online if proper protection is not in place. Therefore, we will also guide you in taking the correct preventive protective measures to keep your home safe.

What to do if you lost an Amazon-delivered package

Amazon is pretty good at notifying you when a package shows up at your door. You will usually receive a notification or update in your account that the package has been delivered. But what if you go to pick it up and the package isn't there? Then you're missing out on a "delivered" Amazon package. If this happens to you, follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Examine your side

The first step is to check everything around you to make sure the package has been stolen. Sometimes packages are accidentally left on a neighbor's or upstairs neighbor's porch. Sometimes a small package may be dropped in your mailbox instead of at your door. So before you do anything else, take a moment to check everything to make sure the package is indeed lost. There are several ways you can determine if a package is missing:

  • Double check the shipping address to make sure it is your home address
  • Check nearby and similar addresses to see if they were delivered there by mistake
  • Finding Amazon Shipping Photos
  • Check every delivery location where Amazon employees may have left packages
  • Make sure the package has not fallen off the porch or placed anything on or in front of it

Once you find out that your package is missing, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Wait 48 hours

This second step can be the most difficult step when you're waiting for a delivery or worrying about a package being stolen. But waiting 48 hours can help you determine if your package has been stolen or has other problems. This short period of time will provide you with evidence that something is seriously wrong with your shipment. After the waiting period has passed, it is time to report.

Step 3: Report

After checking everything and waiting to make sure they don't show up, it's time to report your situationAmazon package stolenor missing. If you file your report within 90 days, Amazon may offer you a refund of up to $2,500 for your lost package. That's why it's important to stay abreast of lost package reports so you don't end up paying for a stolen package. Please follow the steps below to submit your report:

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  • Open your Amazon account and find "Your Orders"
  • Find the correct order and select "There is a problem with the order"
  • A list of questions will appear. Select package did not arrive
  • Then select "Request a Refund." Fill in additional information if necessary
  • Your report has been delivered
  • To track your refund request, please use your Amazon Pay card. You'll know when your payment request has been approved

What about untraceable packets?

Most Amazon packages have tracking information, but there are some rare exceptions that cannot be tracked. With trackable packages, you can check your Amazon account for information on where they've been and if they've been left on your porch. But for untraceable packets, you don't have that option. so what do you do

  • Check where it might be. Check your bushes, visit your neighbors door to door to see if they have received your package, and check similar addresses to see if anyone has received your package. Since you can't confirm to Amazon that your package has been delivered, it's a good idea to double check with your neighbors to see if they know where your package might be.
  • If your package was delivered by USPS, please contact them. Some untraceable packages are delivered via the postal service and documentation can be provided as to where the package is located.

If you regularly receive untraceable packets, you should definitely consider installing an anti-theft solution, as these packets are more difficult to detect.

Amazon third-party seller package lost

Some packages are fulfilled directly by Amazon, while others are fulfilled by third-party sellers, usually listed as "Amazon Seller" on your order. If the lost package was shipped by a third-party seller, you will need to take a different approach to reporting a lost package. For these packages, you will need to check everything in your property, community and account, then wait 48 hours. If the package does not turn up, you will report the package as lost or stolen:

  • Go to your Amazon account and find "Your Orders"
  • Click on the Amazon Pay tab.
  • Find the missing item and click the "Details" button next to it
  • An automatically generated message will appear. This message notifies the third-party seller that you have not received the product. You can edit this message to add relevant information
  • Click "Send to Merchant"
  • If the seller does not respond within 24 hours, you can file a claim with Amazon

In most cases, third-party sellers will refund or replace missing items. They may even investigate missing products. Again, it's important to file a claim as soon as possible so you have a better chance of getting the compensation and help you need.

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Will Amazon replace stolen packages?

In most cases, Amazon will provide some kind of replacement or compensation for the stolen package. The company takes package theft very seriously and offers an "A to Z Guarantee" to its customers. This guarantee means your item (whether it comes directly from Amazon or through a third party) is covered for up to $2,500. When you file a claim with Amazon, they will refund you up to that amount. Third-party sellers may replace products, but Amazon will also be liable if they do not cooperate with you or respond to your request. If your package is stolen, report it quickly and correctly so you can get your money back.

To get a refund, go to your Amazon account and "Your Orders". After finding the missing order, I have a problem with selecting the order. Click that your package has not arrived, then click Request Refund. It may take a while to receive your refund, but please be sure to reply to all messages on your account to ensure you qualify.

How to Avoid Package Stolen

While Amazon takes some steps to ensure that package theft doesn't spell the end of the world, it's best to avoid the problem entirely and prevent your package from being stolen. There are a few precautions you can take now to protect your packages from theft:

  • Signature required.Use your order settings to require your signature before Amazon can deliver the package. Plus, you can always be sure you'll get your package.
  • Send the package elsewhere.If your porch is not secure, you can set the delivery address elsewhere. You can send it to your business office. You can also order packages to be delivered to a nearby Amazon locker, where you can pick them up with a code.
  • Amazon Key Coristite Smart Lock System.Amazon has a new Key app that lets workers deliver packages straight to your door. To set this up, you need a Prime account, application key,smart LockSafeStreets and Wi-Fi enabled security cameras installed.
  • Install a yard security system.balconyhome security systemIt can scare would-be pirates off your porch, but it can also help catch them if they're after your package.external cameraIt keeps track of what's happening on your patio while you're awaycamera with doorbellHere's another way to enjoy the view from your patio at any time.

Help Secure the Future of Amazon Fulfillment with SafeStreets

At SafeStreets, we want to help you protect your packages and keep your porch safe. We supply and install ADT security cameras and doorbells to prevent package theft. Cameras can be effective in deterring theft and help keep packages on the porch. existstudyResearchers from the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of North Carolina found that 60 percent of would-be burglars check the cameras before doing anything. Just install a camera to help keep your home safe.

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But if something does happen, ADT will also monitor the cameras, provide you with evidence that your package was stolen, and get you back with a team of security experts. In fact, you can set the camera to receive notifications when packages arrive, and they can be tracked from your phone. In case of theft, this video will help you get full compensation for the theft.

Ready to help secure your packages on Amazon?Request a Free QuoteFrom Safe Street today!

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What do you do if your Amazon package is stolen? ›

To file an Amazon Stolen Package Claim:
  1. Sign in to your Amazon account and click "Your Orders."
  2. Find the order in question and select "Problem with Order."
  3. You will then be prompted to select the problem with your order. Enter that your package has not arrived.
  4. Finally, hit "Request Refund" and submit.

How do I file a claim with Amazon for a stolen package? ›

To file a claim, go to your Orders List and select “View/File Claim” on the order. Follow the on-screen instructions, which will require you to select a reason for the claim. Reasons for claims can include: Returned order that was not refunded.

Can you get in trouble for stealing Amazon packages? ›

Depending on the circumstances of the offense and the value of the package stolen, the suspect could face misdemeanor, felony, or even federal charges.

Is stealing Amazon packages mail theft? ›

Package theft is a type of mail theft and may be punishable by both state and federal laws.

Who is responsible if a package is stolen? ›

Often, it's up to the seller or retailer to ensure that you receive your package. Thus, anything that happens in transit is the responsibility of the seller; they are responsible if the package is lost or damaged during transit, and usually must replace it or give a reimbursement.

What do I do if my package says delivered but I never got it? ›

If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered but you can't find it:
  1. Carrier may have placed it in a safer location, please check: ...
  2. Check your mailbox again as some packages come separately from your regular mail.
  3. Check with others in your house that may have accepted it.

Who do I contact if my Amazon package was stolen? ›

Contact Amazon to file a missing package claim: https://www.amazon.com/ > All > Your Account > Customer Service > select the missing order. Contact a third-party seller: Your Orders > Problem with order > missing package > contact seller.

How many Amazon packages are stolen? ›

As of 2021, 23 million Americans have had their packages stolen from their homes. For Amazon lost packages, an average of 51 packages a year got reported missing or stolen. Porch pirates have taken advantage of the rise of e-commerce due to the pandemic to steal from others.

How do I contact Amazon about a stolen item? ›

Call 1 (888) 280-4331- speak with customer service for a tracking update. Ask neighbors if they received the package. Wait 36 hours after the expected delivery date and time to file a claim. Start a claim with Amazon here.

Should I file police report for stolen Amazon package? ›

Alert the police

If you suspect a porch pirate is responsible for your missing package, contact the police to file a report. While local law enforcement can't do much to ensnare package thieves right away, they can check neighborhood security cameras (or video doorbells!) for evidence.

How do you defend yourself when accused of stealing? ›

5 Steps To Take If You're Wrongfully Accused of Theft
  1. Step 1 - Calm Down. A false accusation of theft is frightening because it could land you in jail. ...
  2. Step 2 - Look for Evidence. How do you prove you are innocent when accused of stealing? ...
  3. Step 3 - Understand Your Rights. ...
  4. Step 4 - Don't Talk. ...
  5. Step 5 - Work with a Lawyer.
Sep 5, 2022

How common is package theft? ›

Package Theft Victims

So far in 2022, almost 1 in 7 (14%) Americans have fallen victim to porch pirates – some more than once. Most (67%) have had one package stolen, 22% have had two, and 11% have had three or more stolen.

Is keeping a misdelivered package theft? ›

Under this view, whether an unintended recipient receives misdelivered or misaddressed mail, it is unlawful to remove any such item from the mail and possess it with the intent of preventing the item from reaching its intended recipient. Such mail is considered stolen and is protected by § 1708.

Where do packages get stolen the most? ›

Our survey also found that a number of socio-demographic variables factor into whether you're likely to have a package stolen. Package theft was more common in multifamily dwellings than single-family homes, as well as in urban areas (16 percent) than in suburban (9 percent) and rural areas (8 percent).

What to do if thieves steal your package in mailbox? ›

Report suspected mail losses to Postal Inspectors by calling 877-876-2455 or at www.uspis.gov.

Why would someone steal my package? ›

Porch pirates likely hope that small packages contain expensive items that can be resold, such as phones, video game systems, sound systems, or computers. Some people might simply have a compulsion towards theft that drives them to seek out the thrill of stealing.

Can you go to jail for saying you never received a package? ›

Of course it is illegal. If you knowingly misrepresent to USPS, or any of the other interstate carriers (e.g., FedEx) that a package that you did in fact receive wasn't received, you could be looking at a mail fraud prosecution.

How do I stop someone from stealing my package? ›

  1. Track your deliveries. One of the easiest ways to prevent package theft is to retrieve your item as soon as it's delivered. ...
  2. Select the "signature required" option at checkout. ...
  3. Pick up packages at a secure location. ...
  4. Use a lockable delivery box. ...
  5. Install a security camera. ...
  6. Team up with your neighbors.
Dec 17, 2021

How do I get a refund for an Amazon package that never came? ›

To request a refund:
  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Locate the order.
  3. Select Problem with Order.
  4. Select your problem from the list.
  5. Select Request Refund.
  6. Enter your comments in the text box.
  7. Select Submit.

Why does my Amazon package say delivered but it's not here? ›

If tracking shows as delivered in Your Orders but you cannot locate your item(s); Try your safe place location, check with neighbors if safe to do so or contact the carrier (some carriers deliver until 10pm). This opens in a new window. Note: Some carriers may deliver until 10 pm.

Does Amazon have to take a picture? ›

We may take a photo on delivery when a package is unattended. Photo on delivery shows you that your package is safe on arrival. The photo shows the location of your package. Delivery photos may appear in Track your package in Your Orders.

What happens when your Amazon package is delivered to the wrong address? ›

If Your Amazon Package Was Sent to the Wrong Address

But if it's in a completely different location, Amazon's Customer Service via chat or by phone. You can either request a refund or they may send you a replacement at no extra cost.

How do I speak to Amazon customer service? ›

Contact an Amazon representative by calling 1-888-280-4331. This number operates 24/7. Email: Amazon's customer service email address is cs-reply@amazon.com, but as Insider reports, the e-commerce company prefers to handle support via live chat or phone.

What is the 1 800 number for Amazon? ›

For instructions on how to obtain service under this limited warranty, contact customer service at 1-866-216-1072, or, alternatively, go to www.amazon.com/contact-us. Customer Service will ask you questions to determine your eligibility under this limited warranty.

What state has the most porch pirates? ›

The Worst States for Porch Pirates
StateLarceny Per 100,000Rank
New Hampshire158.391
47 more rows
May 18, 2023

Do porch pirates ever get caught? ›

Unfortunately, porch pirates aren't caught as often as they should. So it's best to take preventative measures. Installing a doorbell camera, outdoor camera, or other security measures can let porch pirates know you're onto them.

How many porch pirates get caught? ›

Porch pirates are hard to catch.

One source claims that police make arrests in less than 10% of reported theft cases. More often than not, law enforcement will suggest that you simply get a refund for your package instead of embarking on a wild goose chase.

What is 8662161072? ›

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number (866) 216-1072.

Can Amazon block a stolen echo? ›

For your lost or stolen Amazon device, contact Amazon Customer Service. Amazon Customer Service marks the device as Lost/Stolen. It prevents the device from getting registered to another Amazon account in most cases.

Can I return an item to Amazon if I opened it? ›

In most cases, used or open box items purchased from Amazon Warehouse and shipped from Amazon.com can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.

Can Amazon call the police on you? ›

Amazon reserves the right to respond immediately to urgent law enforcement requests for information in cases involving a threat to public safety or risk of harm to any person. These requests must be submitted through the Amazon Law Enforcement Request Tracker (“ALERT”) by selecting the emergency request button.

Does USPS insurance cover theft? ›

If you bought insurance, a USPS claim will cover the shipping costs and package value up to the specified amount for damaged or lost mail, Some services like Express Mail also have delivery guarantees so you're able to file a claim if it doesn't arrive on time.

What happens in a UPS investigation? ›

Package searches can take up to 10 business days. If the package is not located, a Damage/Loss claim letter will be sent to you, the shipper, via email, fax, or post. If the package is found, UPS will not approve the claim and will route the package on to the recipient.

How does an innocent person react when accused? ›

Common reactions include surprise and disbelief, denial of the accusation, anger and frustration, a desire to prove their innocence, and a willingness to cooperate with any efforts to investigate the situation.

How do you defend yourself without getting in trouble? ›

  1. 10 Self-Defense Strategies Everyone Needs to Know.
  2. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Too many women enroll in a self-defense class after they've been assaulted. ...

How do you discipline stealing? ›

tell the child that stealing is wrong. help the youngster to pay for or return the stolen object. make sure that the child does not benefit from the theft in any way. avoid lecturing, predicting future bad behavior, or saying that they now consider the child to be a thief or a bad person.

Is stealing Amazon packages a federal crime? ›

Depending on the circumstances of the offense and the value of the package stolen, the suspect could face misdemeanor, felony, or even federal charges.

Do package thieves ever get caught? ›

However, even with cameras in place, the majority of package thieves get away with their crimes. Those who do get caught usually face only minor charges unless they can be linked to more than one stolen package.

Do police care about stolen packages? ›

Typically, police do not investigate stolen packages for the following reasons: Lack of resources: Police departments are often stretched thin, and may not have the resources to investigate every report of stolen packages. They may prioritize other types of crimes that are deemed to be more serious or urgent.

What if someone steals my Amazon package? ›

If it appears that your package has been stolen, contact the seller or retailer that sold you the item. Retailers have different policies and processes for handling stolen items, but you're usually entitled to a refund or a replacement. Amazon covers most stolen packages through its "A-to-Z" Guarantee Protection.

Who pays when a package is stolen? ›

Often, it's up to the seller or retailer to ensure that you receive your package. Thus, anything that happens in transit is the responsibility of the seller; they are responsible if the package is lost or damaged during transit, and usually must replace it or give a reimbursement.

Can you open a package that has your address but not your name? ›

The short answer is “yes.” Opening or destroying mail that is addressed to someone else is a crime called “Obstruction of Correspondence.” It is a serious felony that could lead to prison time.

What is the most commonly stolen item in the world? ›

  • Printers, ink cartridges and toner all catch the eyes of organized retail criminals. ...
  • Meat and other grocery items are also stolen by organized retail criminals. ...
  • Infant formula, which has been in short supply, is a target of organized retail crime. ...
  • Gift cards also aren't safe from organized retail crime.
Jan 21, 2023

What do people do when they steal packages? ›

What do thieves do with stolen packages? Many thieves steal because they simply have the opportunity. They see a package out for a few days and figure it's an easy thing to swipe. They may keep your package, sell it in a pawnshop or Craigslist, or even re-gift the item.

Is there anything you can do if a package is stolen? ›

You can file a mail theft complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service for USPS deliveries. USPS will start your claims process. If your package came through another carrier, contact the sender of the package to initiate a trace process with UPS or FedEx.

Can I put a camera on my mailbox? ›

By using mailbox surveillance cameras to eavesdrop upon or record the confidential communication, you may face an up to $2,500 fine or an up to 1-year imprisonment.

What are thieves looking for in mailboxes? ›

The reason is the usual one --- cash. According to Georgia State University's Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Research Group, stolen or copied mailbox keys can sell for as much as $1,000 once they're used to steal mail.

What happens if a package is stolen from my doorstep? ›

Who is responsible if a package is stolen? The retailer is responsible for delivering a parcel safely to you. If it's stolen, you should contact them to arrange a refund or replacement. But if you told the courier to leave your parcel in a safe place, then you're responsible for it going missing or being stolen.

Should I call the police if my Amazon package is stolen? ›

File a Police Report for the Stolen Package

If there have been package thefts in your neighborhood recently, there is a higher likelihood that the cops will investigate the situation. If you're planning on making an insurance claim regarding the missing delivery, a police report can be helpful documentation to have.

Can an Amazon package get lost? ›

If your order has been showing as “In transit” for ten days or more without any further updates, you would be right to think that your package might be lost. You can use the following phone number to call Amazon for a tracking update: 1 (888) 280-4331.

What number do I call for lost or stolen Amazon package? ›

Amazon missing packages:

Call 1 (888) 280-4331- speak with customer service for a tracking update. Ask neighbors if they received the package. Wait 36 hours after the expected delivery date and time to file a claim.

Do Amazon take photos of delivery? ›

We may take a photo on delivery when a package is unattended. Photo on delivery shows you that your package is safe on arrival. The photo shows the location of your package. Delivery photos may appear in Track your package in Your Orders.

Do I have to return an Amazon package that I didn't order? ›

By law, companies can't send unordered merchandise to you, then demand payment. That means you never have to pay for things you get but didn't order. You also don't need to return unordered merchandise. You're legally entitled to keep it as a free gift.

Why does my Amazon package say delivered when it's not? ›

If the tracking for your package shows it as delivered but you haven't received it, you should: Check if someone else at your address has accepted it. Look around the delivery location. Your package may have been left with a neighbour.

Where is package theft most common? ›

We found that about half (49%) of those who've had a package stolen live in the suburbs; not surprising since 54% of survey respondents live in the suburbs. However, those that live in a city are more likely to be a victim of package theft (39% – higher than the proportion of survey respondents: 29%).

Where does package theft happen the most? ›

More than a third of Americans (35%) have had a package or delivery stolen. 59% of consumers who've been a victim of package or delivery theft say it occurred in the past year. The majority of porch piracy occurs at single-family homes (62%) and apartment buildings (23%).

Who pays for lost Amazon packages? ›

The short answer is: The seller, which means you, the business owner. Obviously, if you printed the wrong address on the shipping label, didn't include a return address, or poorly packaged the item, it's 100% on you to compensate the customer with a new shipment or a refund.

Why are so many packages getting lost? ›

According to UPS, a box being too big or too small, lacking enough cushioning, poorly placed labels, and unclear delivery instructions can lead to lost packages. Reusing an old box and not removing old labels can also create problems.

What causes a package to be lost? ›

The most common reason packages get lost by the USPS is because the address label falls off or the shipping label becomes smeared or illegible.


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