Our Favorite Summer Extended Destinations in the US (2023)

Lockdowns are being lifted, thousands of companies nationwide are telecommuting this Labor Day this year, summer camps are largely canceled, and many travelers — families, couples and anyone stuck at home for months with nowhere else to go — are still Looking for traces of summer.Travel Safety Concerns Related to CoronavirusA week or two in Europe or remote resorts may not be likely this summer, but one option we're seeing now: long-stay bookings at destinations closer to home, where travelers can stay in the same hotel. Over several weeks (or even months), the house or villa is rented out.

“Extended stays are a unique opportunity to experience a destination slowly and safely,” says Sarah Levine of Indagare, who is personally considering moving to Florida, South Carolina or California for a month this summer. The broader time frame allows people to self-isolate for 14 days and simulate their own COVID-19 "travel bubble" by creating a home away from home. Extended stays are reminiscent of the early 20th-century practice of "summering" somewhere. It's also a much-needed reminder of America's wonderful destinations. We currently recommend these places if you are considering extending your stay in the coming months.

Contact IndagareHelping you evaluate your long-term accommodation options, including the best destinations, how to get there safely and our favorite villas and cottages.

Note on Self-Isolation Requirements

many countries such asAlaskaWest Virginia and West Virginia are lifting 14-day quarantine guidelines as quarantine restrictions are lifted, but some states, such ashawaiiThey still ask all visitors to follow these recommendations. The process is still encouraged - especially for travelers from destinations with widespread coronavirus infections. Indagare helps members choose accommodations across the United States that have fully equipped kitchens upon arrival and offer grocery delivery and other in-home services.

If you want to be within driving distance of...

Our Favorite Summer Extended Destinations in the US (1)

The view from Amangani, just outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Provided by Indagala

As countries begin to open up, travelers are thinking about how far summer travel can take them. For many people, the places that feel safest right now are those that are easily accessible by car.

For East Coast passengers in Boston or New York, that means leaving the cities and suburbs for the beachcape cod,Nantucket,Martha's Vineyardi youHampton, seasideRhode Island Maine, or in a house by the lakeVermontthisnew hampshireor alpine lakes, forest fieldshudson valley,Adirondack Mountains, cat skills, IBerkshire. Take the Adirondack Mountains, for example,perfectExclusive sale of the entire property will begin in late June, offering nature lovers private views of Saranac Lake.

Further south, self-isolation rules are less common, but still recommended if you're from an area with widespread outbreaks. There are Carolinas, Georgia, andFloridaThe coast is an obvious attraction, with suchthe islandIn Georgia, there are plenty of villas to choose from. (Note that Florida requires a 14-day quarantine for all travelers arriving from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Louisiana.) Further inland,great smoky mountainsAttracts potential holiday home and villa tenants looking for long-term options, includingblackberry hillCollection of rustic cottages and log cabins.

We also sent a request for a mountain cabinSierra NevadaIstone jacket, including around Lake Tahoe,jackson holeIaspen. These three properties in particular offer privacy, the convenience of being close to nature, and a variety of beautiful homes (also with beautiful views).

Of course, another extended driving option is RV road trips, where families travel for weeks to months on different routes across the country. One of the trip planners, Ried Stelly, suggests: Take a multi-stop road trip through Colorado and Utah, stopping at national parks like Arches, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion. “This would offer different areas from the Rockies to the desert,” he said, and could connect to home rentals at both ends, as well as adventure experiences (rafting, hiking) along the way.

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If you feel comfortable flying...

Our Favorite Summer Extended Destinations in the US (2)

Kauai, Hawaii. Contributed by Natalie Biedron of Indagare

Flights (especially non-stop) can bring more opportunities, and some travelers will feel more comfortable if they can limit their opportunities to take direct (or even private) flights, especially knowing that as the stay is extended, it will Go through the airport for weeks at a time. If flying is your thing, two destinations are also perennial favorites for nature lovers far and wide:Alaska, which now allows proof of testing up to 72 hours before departure as an alternative to quarantine on arrival, andhawaii, are in self-isolation for 14 days until at least July 31.

"If you're looking for truly untouched wilderness and incredible backcountry, with endless opportunities for outdoor activities and adventure, Alaska offers the perfect summer getaway," said Sasha Feldman of Indagare. In the sheer majesty of extreme environments - stunning, dramatic vistas - and an abundance of fish and wildlife, the only word to describe summer in Alaska is 'epic.' Some of our favorite cabins are only available for purchase now .Shelton's ChaletFor example, starting in April, switching from a cash-to-cash payment option allows passengers to spend quarantine time in privacy (with enviable views of Denali National Park as a bonus).

For sun seekers, "Maui and Kauai are two of our favorite islands," says Natalie Biedron, Indagare travel designer. Both offer easy access to great hiking trails and secluded beaches, as well as some of our favorite cottages. About half of Kauai's annual visitors come from Maui, so for those looking for seclusion, Kauai might be a better bet.

(Another option for beach lovers: ultra-private villasQuixmara, along the Pacific coast of Mexico. (The 25,000-acre resort offers guests its own beach, if you're willing to put up with the potential for quarantine upon return.)

However, just because many Americans are ready to fly doesn't mean they can get anywhere easily. The U.S. Department of Transportation has authorized airlines to reduce or completely cut service at dozens of small and medium-sized airports due to lack of demand, includingaspen,Colorado. Indagare can help you find the best flight options or alternatives.

Flight scheduling issues, concerns about overcrowding airports and planes, and a general desire to escape it all are driving more and more travelers to consider taking private flights. We've seen an increase in interest in private charter flights, especially for individuals and families looking to travel to more remote locations that typically require multiple transfers.

Notes on Flying Now

TSA recently announced new guidance for travelers flying during the COVID-19 pandemic. With fewer flights and fewer passengers this summer, security checkpoints may be reduced or staggered. Reports on recent flights from JFK to San Diego and other locations in the West said the airport was less crowded than expected, with social distancing and face masks in effect, and middle seats on JetBlue and Delta flights were empty. "The whole experience was actually much better than I expected," said Indagare's Mary Elizabeth Moore. Here's what you can expect:

  • social distancing protocolThey are placed six feet apart during security screening to minimize contact between passengers and other passengers, staff and crew. To further reduce contact, passengers will also have their boarding passes scanned.
  • Additional Disinfection MeasuresforeatHigh-touch surfaces and security screening equipment, as well as all aircraft interiors.
  • Passengers will be allowed to bring a container of hand sanitizer,12 oz maximum per passenger. Must be inspected individually, so it is best packed in a sealed bag. (Other liquid cosmetics or gels must still be 3.4 ounces or less.)
  • expired driver's license orAccept government IDIf your permit expires on or after March 1, 2020, it can be used as proof of status for up to one year.

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Contact IndagareHelping you evaluate your long-term accommodation options, including the best destinations, how to get there safely and our favorite villas and cottages.

– Peter Schlesinger, June 11, 2020


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