The value of Indian pennies in 1904: how much is it worth today? (2023)

The 1904 Indian Head Penny is a penny worth a fortune. Despite the modest face value of 10 cents, collectors have been known to pay top dollar for rare and unique coins like this one.


The 1904 Indian Head penny is one of the most valuable and sought-after pennies on American coinage, with some examples selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

In this article, we delve into the history and rarity of the 1904 Indian Head Penny, explore its design and significance, and take a closer look at its value and why collectors hold it so dear.

Chart of the Value of Indian Pennies in 1904

like markOKuntilvery fineunreleasedPR 63
1904 Indian Head Penny Coin without Mintmark2 USD$415 dollarsup to $435
1904 Indian Head Penny$11.75$13.25$18.25even $10,000$250+

1904 Indian Head Penny Coin No Mint Value

The value of Indian pennies in 1904: how much is it worth today? (1)

Among coin lovers, the 1904 Indian Penny without Mintmark is a rare and rare find. This dime was minted in Philadelphia, so it has no mintmark. Its unique history and attractive design make it a compelling asset to any coin collection.

The 1904 Indian penny without a mintmark is important for several reasons. First, its rarity makes it a popular coin among collectors. Plus, the unique designs and historical relevance of the entire Indian Head Penny line make it worth noting.

The Penny Indian headwear design was born during a time when America was undergoing a major transformation, representing the country's growing fascination with the West and its native traditions.

The Indian Head Penny was minted in 1859 as a replacement for the Big Cent. The coin was designed by James Barton Longacre, who also created the double eagle with the head of Liberty and the shield nickel.

The 1904 Indian Head Penny is just one example of how a coin's design reflects the artistic and cultural influences of the era in which it was created.James B. LongacreHis designs draw inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman art, as well as the Aboriginal cultures of the United West.

The obverse (front) of the Penny Native American Head is an image of Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress, while the reverse (back) shows a crown and shield.

(Video) 1904 Indian Head Penny Worth Money - How Much Is It Worth and Why? (Variety Guide)

The 1904 Indian Head Penny coin without the mintmark also serves as a reminder of the history of Native Americans and their representation in popular culture.

In recognition of the significant contributions of Native Americans to the development of the nation, Statue of Liberty received a Native American headdress.

The 1904 Indian Head Penny was minted in Philadelphia, the premier mint in the United States at the time. This coin has no mintmark because Philadelphia was the only mint to produce Indian pennies in 1904.

The 1904 series had a relatively high mintage, with a total of 61,326,198 Indian pennies produced by the Philadelphia Mint. 1904 Unmarked Indian Head Penny Considered Rare and Valuable Due to Its Unique Characteristicsan unmarked work,Consider high traffic.

Mintmarks are tiny marks or symbols used to identify the mint that minted coins and are often sought after by collectors to complete sets or diversify their collections.

1904 Indian Head Pennies without Mintmark are subject to significant change depending on their condition and other factors such as rarity, provenance and market demand.

A 1904 Indian Head Circulation Penny has a typical value of about $4 without mintmarks and is in good condition. At the same time, higher grade coins can of course be more valuable.

For example, a 1904 dime in State-63 condition may be worth around $60, while a coin in State-65 condition may be worth $200 or more.

It is important to keep in mind that other factors such as color and luster can affect the value of a 1904 Indian Penny without Mintmark.

Copper and nickel, the materials used to make Indian pennies, develop a patina over time that changes their appearance. coins withimpressive colorAnd glossy ones may be more valuable than those with flat or unattractive surfaces.

However, coins graded "red" or "brown" by independent grading services can achieve higher prices. While "brown" coins have aged to a brown hue, "red" coins have largely retained their original red hue.

"Red" coins tend to be more sought after by collectors and can command much higher prices than "brown" coins.

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1904 Indian Head Penny Worth

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An unmarked 1904 Indian Head penny is rare, but proof coins are even more valuable.

The 1904 Refinement Indian Head Penny is cast twice using highly polished plates using finely polished molds to create a clean, detailed image with reflective areas.

Proof coins are more elaborate than regular coins and are intended primarily for collectors' use rather than financial use.

The 1904 Proof Indian Head Penny was minted at the Philadelphia Mint, the only proof mint at the time.

While the 1904 Proof Indian Head Penny is not well known, it is estimated that only 1,817 coins were made. 1904 proof coins are rare due to their small mintage and the fact that they are lost or damaged over time.

Penny's Indian head in 1904historical relevanceIt also increases its value. When the coin was minted, the United States was undergoing rapid industrialization and development, a period of major national transformation.

James B. Longacre's coin design featuring the Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress was revolutionary for its time. The artwork is intended to represent the shared culture of the United States and Native Americans.

Although Penny's Native American avatar design was intended to represent the connection between Native Americans and European Americans, it has since drawn criticism for using stereotypes of Native Americans.

The 1904 Proof Indian Head Penny remains a valuable and popular coin despite controversy over its design. Due to its uniqueness, cultural significance and beautiful design, it is an excellent addition to any coin catalog or financial portfolio.

There is a slight difference in determining the value of the 1904 Indian Head penny. Proof coins are graded with the same Sheldon grade as circulating coins, but are prefixed with "PF" or "PR" to distinguish them from circulating coins.

proof coin withClasses between 60 and 70 years oldConsidered to be in good condition with little or no signs of wear. These coins will have a clean punch without losing any design elements. The area of ​​the coin will be like a mirror with no blemishes or blemishes.

The value of the 1904 Indian Head penny varies widely depending on the quality of the coin. As with all coins, rarity plays an important role in assessing value. The 1904 Indian Head Penny is very popular due to its rarity and high value.

(Video) 1904 Indian Head Penny Coin Values!

1904 Proof Indian Head pennies in grades PR61 to PR63 range from $150 to $275. Although they may have some minor blemishes or blemishes, coins of this grade are generally still considered to be in good condition.

A 1904 Indian Head penny sells for anywhere between $435 and $750 in the PR64 to PR65 range. These coins will have a mirror-like finish, giving a strong impression, with little or no visible blemishes.

Proof coins, especially rare ones, can command high prices at auction. For example, a 1904 Proof Indian Head penny marked PR650 billion sold for $1,920 in 2019, proving the value collectors and investors place on these extraordinary coins.

1904 Indian Head Penny Rating

One of the most critical factors in determining a coin's value is its condition, and the 1904 Indian Penny is no exception. Grading allows investors and collectors to assess a coin's quality and make an informed purchase or sale.

Coins can vary greatly in value due to quality, such as mint condition orpost gradesFor example BN, RB or RD. Attention to detail is critical to the grading process, as even the smallest blemish or sign of wear can significantly affect a coin's quality and value.

Collectors and investors can avoid overvaluing or undervaluing coins by using proper coin grading techniques.

This video outlines the grading process for Indian Head Penny coins. If you want to estimate the value of a 1904 Indian Head penny, check it out!

1904 List of Rare Indian Penny Mistakes

1904 Wrong Indian Head Penny RPD FS-301

The value of Indian pennies in 1904: how much is it worth today? (3)

The RPD FS-301 is a rare type of error on the 1904 Indian Penny. This mistake occurs when mint employees accidentally stamp two or three digit numbers on the die, resulting in a recast date (RPD).

The "9" in the date appears to be doubled on the FS-301 variant, visually inaccurate. The RPD FS-301 remains highly sought after by collectors, although it is not as valuable as some of the other mistakes and has a higher market value than the common 1904 Indian Head Penny.

1904 Indian Head Penny Eccentric Error

The value of Indian pennies in 1904: how much is it worth today? (4)

(Video) 1904 Indian head penny

The off-center error of the 1904 Indian penny head is an interesting variation that occurs when a coin is struck off-center, resulting in missing part or all of the design.

Every coin is unique because of this flaw, attracting collectors with its rarity and uniqueness. The degree of eccentricity and general condition of coins can affect the value of those coins. But they usually sell for at least $50 more than their original price.

This video provides valuable insight into how a rare error can affect the value of Indian pennies.

1904 Indian Head Penny FAQ

What is the most valuable penny among 1900 Native American portraits?

The 1900 dual-die coin, the most expensive Indian dime of 1900, can be identified by the date and a few letters in the phrase "Liberty." This relatively uncommon coin can command high prices at auction, depending on availability.

It is important to remember that other factors, including mint marks and condition, also affect the value of 1900 Indian pence.

How much was an Indian penny worth in 1904?

The value of a 1904 Indian Penny is influenced by many factors including age, historical significance and condition. Therefore, the value of these coins may vary from coin to coin.

Due to its metallic composition, a 1904 Indian cent is worth approximately $2 in pristine condition. Rare coins with unique qualities, including no mint marks, proof condition, or off-centre strikes, can command higher prices.

How can you tell if Indian dollar coins are real or fake?

Checking certificates of authenticity is the best way to ensure the authenticity of Indian dollar coins. Genuine coins should be well defined with no visible wear or damage to details.

In contrast, counterfeit notes may have fuzzy or blurred designs, or details may appear distorted or smudged. Use a magnet to verify coin authenticity. Real coins are made of copper and nickel, neither of which are magnetic.

It's also important to be wary of typical methods of counterfeiting, including changing the date or mintmark. When in doubt, always seek confirmation of coin authenticity from a reputable coin dealer or grading service.



The value of Indian pennies in 1904: how much is it worth today? ›

An average 1904 Indian Head penny is worth $3.30, but rare pieces were sold at auction for tens of thousands of dollars.

What is the error on a 1904 Indian Head Penny? ›

1904 Indian Head Penny RPD FS-301 Error

RPD means re-punched date, and the FS-301 is a doubling error on the date. It happened at the die stage when the die moved between hub strikes, and you can see the doubling inside the 9 and on the upper edges of the 0 and 4.

What Indian pennies are worth money? ›

10 Most Valuable Indian Head Pennies (cents)
  • 1870 Bold N: $540 - $940.
  • 1870 Shallow N: $590 - $1,000.
  • 1871 Shallow N: $850 - $1,000.
  • 1894 Double Date: $600 - $1,200.
  • 1909-S: $1,100 - $1,200.
  • 1869 9 Over 9: $1,000 - $1,200.
  • 1872 Shallow N: $1,000 - $1,300.
  • 1877: $4,200 - $5,000.

How much are old Indian pennies worth? ›

Since the bronze composite 1877 Indian Head Penny is so hard to come by, it's in the top five of the most valuable Indian Head pennies. A good quality penny is worth $1,003, while a proof coin is worth nearly $3,000. If you somehow have a brilliant uncirculated mint condition copy, expect to earn $5,000.

Who is on the 1904 penny? ›

Edward VII, Penny 1904 Very Good

We are offering the bronze Pennies of King Edward VII by date.

What year of Indian Head penny is the rarest? ›

The most valuable Indian Head Penny is the one that has a date of 1877. Nevertheless, they're all valuable in their own right and any collector would be lucky to have one.

What should I look for in an Indian Head penny? ›

1864 Indian Head Penny: "L" on Ribbon

The small "L" is located on the ribbon behind the neck where the headband meets the curls of hair. This "L" is designer James B. Longacre's last initial. You can also look at the tip of the bust, which is more pointed on this variety than the variety without the "L" on the ribbon.


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