Value of Indian Pennies: See the value of Indian Pennies from 1859 to 1909. (2023)

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Many readers are curious about the value of their Indian Head fountain pens.

The Indian Head penny was designed by United States Mint Chief Engraver James B. Longacre, who designed many popular coins during his tenure at the Mint from 1844 to 1869.

Indian Masters Cents were first minted in 1859 and circulated for many years after they were last minted in 1909.

Over the years, many people have stashed their Indian coins in drawers, boxes and chests.

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Today, millions of Indian pennies can be found in old estates, and many acquire Indian pennies as family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

To answer your question, here are a few words about the value of Indian Head pens...

value of pence in india

Indian Head pennies run into the hundreds of millions. Therefore, as a series of coins, they are not rare.

In fact, many of the dates in Indian Head's penny collection are worth less than $3 to $5 in typical good condition.

The price of an uncut common Indian penny coin rose from $35 to $50.

Most Indian Head Pennies minted in the 1880s to early 1900s are actually the most common Indian Head Pennies, and usually the lowest value.

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While Indian coins are not generally considered rare,There are rare Indian Head Penny Dates worth finding!These rare dates range in value from $25 to several hundred dollars each.

Rare Native American Coins Worth Collecting

So, which rare Indian Head coins should you keep an eye out for?

Consider the following:

  • 1864 Indian Head Penny with "L":$47 to $500 in good condition $63
  • 1866:$43 to $320 Hello to Mint 63
  • 1867.:$42 to $350 Hello to Mint State 63
  • 1868:$35 to $325 in good condition $63
  • 1869:$65 to $650 in good condition $63
  • 1870:$40 to $775 in good condition $63
  • 1871.:$55 to $700 in good condition $63
  • 1872:$80 to $1000 fine at mint 63;
  • 1873 Double Free Indian Head Penny:$150 to $12,000, good condition, age 63
  • 1877:$700 to $4,000, good condition, age 63
  • 1878:$25 to $320 in good condition $63
  • 1888 Over 7 Indian Pennies:$1,000 to $45,000 undamaged 63
  • 1894 Double Indian Head Penny:$20 to $500 in good condition $63
  • 1908 S Edition Indian Head Penny:$70 to $325 in good condition $63
  • 1909 S Edition Indian Head Penny:$365 to $1000 in good condition 63

As you can see, there are quite a few Indian head pennies that are really worth "a penny." However, these dates are also the rarest in the Indian Head Penny Collection!

For this reason, you should always double check the date of any Indian Head pen you come across - see if you have a rare one.

You knowindia pen colorsaffect its value? here are some moreFun Facts About Indian Head Penny

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Usual Indian Pena Price Dates

Now you're probably wondering how much your Indian head coin is worthyesOne of the rarest examples mentioned above.

How much was a penny worth on the head of an Indian from the 1880s to the 1900s?yesAre you well dressed?

what to do if you have an older indian centdon't wantlook up;

The following Indian headpoints list includes all other coins in the series - so if you can't find your Indian headpoints there, you should find it here:

  • 1859:$11 to $500 in good condition $63
  • 1860:$8 to $200, $63 in good condition
  • 1861:$18 to $300 in good condition $63
  • 1862:$8 to $170, $63 in good condition
  • 1863:$8 to $175, $63 in good condition
  • 1864 Indian Copper Nickel Head(thicker and lighter in color than most copper coins produced after this date):63 $16 to $275 in good condition
  • 1864 Copper Pen Without Indian Head "L":$12 to $125 in good condition $63
  • 1865:$11 to $130 in good condition $63
  • 1873 Open 3 Indian Head Pennies:$63 $15 to $300 in good condition
  • 1873 Closed 3 Indian Head Pennies:$18 to $500 in good condition $63
  • 1874.:$15 to $200 in good condition $63
  • 1875:$15 to $200 in good condition $63
  • 1876:$25 to $475 in good condition $63
  • 1879:$6 to $115 at Mint 63;
  • 1880:$3 to $115, $63 in good condition
  • 1881:$2.50 to $75, intact $63
  • 1882:$2.50 to $75, intact $63
  • 1883:$2.50 to $75, intact $63
  • 1884:$2.50 to $100 in good condition $63
  • 1885:$5 to $160, $63 in good condition
  • 1886 Variety 1 Indian Head Penny:$4 to $200, $63 in good condition
  • 1886 Variety 2 Indian Head Penny:$5 to $420 in good condition $63
  • 1887:$63 $1.50 to $60 in good condition
  • 1888:$63 $1.50 to $100 in good condition
  • 1889:$63 $1.50 to $60 in good condition
  • 1890:$63 $1.50 to $60 in good condition
  • 1891:$63 $1.50 to $60 in good condition
  • 1892:$63 $1.50 to $60 in good condition
  • 1893:$63 $1.50 to $60 in good condition
  • 1894:$2 to $100 in good condition 63
  • 1895:$63 $1.50 to $50 in good condition;
  • 1896:$63 $1.50 to $50 in good condition;
  • 1897.:$63 $1.50 to $50 in good condition;
  • 1898:$63 $1.50 to $50 in good condition;
  • 1899:$63 $1.50 to $50 in good condition;
  • 1900:$1 to $45 in good condition $63
  • 1901.:$1 to $45 in good condition $63
  • 1902.:$1 to $45 in good condition $63
  • 1903.:$1 to $45 in good condition $63
  • 1904.:$1 to $45 in good condition $63
  • 1905:$1 to $45 in good condition $63
  • 1906.:$1 to $45 in good condition $63
  • 1907.:$1 to $45 in good condition $63
  • 1908:$1 to $45 in good condition $63
  • 1909:$1 to $45 in good condition $63

*thisIndian Head fountain pen prices above are for unreleased Indian Head pennies that have not been cleaned, bent, or otherwise damaged, and are free from holes, stains, and discoloration. Indian Head cents graded below Good-4 are worth less than the above prices, while coins graded above Mint-State 63 are usually worth more.

lookLatest Indian Cent Rates.


Value of Indian Pennies: See the value of Indian Pennies from 1859 to 1909. (3)

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How much is an 1859 Indian head penny worth? ›

1859 Indian Head Penny Value

According to the NGC Price Guide, as of June 2023, a Indian Head Penny from 1859 in circulated condition is worth between $10 and $390. However, on the open market 1859 Pennies in pristine, uncirculated condition sell for as much as $32500.

How much is a 1900 to 1909 Indian head penny worth? ›

Not a date commonly found anymore, your 1900 Indian head penny value is $1.45 per coin, even with heavy wear. Minimum value is quickly left behind if your coin is in reasonably nice condition, and only just moderately worn.

How much are Indian head pennies from the 1800s worth? ›

Indian Head Penny Values
1859 Indian Head Penny$15$200
1860 Indian Head Penny$10$100
1861 Indian Head Penny$25$175
1862 Indian Head Penny$10$75
50 more rows

What year Indian head pennies are worth money? ›

The years 1877 and 1872 are important, as well as 1909-S pennies. Any Indian head penny is probably worth something, and they always merit a closer look with a magnifying glass.


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